Your risk of dying from cancer is 47% higher than COVID!

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That number is rising because of government propaganda and shut downs of medical services. The mortatlity rate of coronavirus for people under 60 is estimated at 1-3%. This number grows with age, so the risk of children or infants dying of coronavirus is essentially zero. The average person is much more likely to die of heart disease or cancer, conditions for which treatment is being cancelled because we can't overwhelm the healthcare system, as the mantra by which the government got their foot in the door goes.

"The disruption of cancer care due to COVID-19 has triggered another public health crisis."

According to 2015 estimates by the Canadian Cancer Society, half of Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime, and half of those will die from it. 25% of the Canadian population is estimated to die from cancer.

To assess the extent to which COVID-19 has disrupted cancer care in Canada, a nation-wide survey was conducted by the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN) involving 960 cancer patients, 206 caregivers of cancer patients and 77 patients in cancer pre-diagnosis) from May 22 to June 10, 2020.

54% patients report having a diagnosis, test results or treatment postponed or cancelled, even after "re-opening" in Canada. Patients most affected by lack of medical services were recently-diagnosed patients and those still awaiting diagnosis.

Three-quarters of patients surveyed say that delays in appointments and treatment had a major impact on their mental health. They're particularly concerned about in-person care, including treatment and emergency room visits, as many patients can only see their doctor "virtually". This has immense privacy concerns and is impractical for physical assessment.

Social Justice Warriors who virtue signal how subservient they are to government in order to protect everyone from the coronavirus are full of shit. The whole "we're in this together" sharade is really about getting less punishment for yourself by virtue signalling how well you follow the rules. Either that or you really believe this pandemic is completely natural and that the government knows and acts in your best interest regarding it. The former is worse than the latter, because the latter is pure ignorance, but the former is cowardice.

Anyone who follows this channel knows I don't advocate for mainstream cancer treatment. But where are all the virtue signallers now who were so worried that if people even knew that cannabis was a treatment option for cancer that knowledge was harmful because it may cause them to abandon mainstream treatment and die? I bet you those are the same people who advocate for government shut downs.

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The common person's reaction to this situation shows a horrific mass hysteria fueled by ignorance of biology, statistics, history, and psychology. The world is filled with ignorant drones ready to be used as killing machines...facilitating the deaths of countless people to feel safe or maintain a certain image. We can only hope that as a silver lining of the cancellations of treatment id that it caused people to research alternative treatment like cannabis...ones that might actually save their life when chemo would not have...yep that's best case scenario for an individual.

I also think it's disturbing that cannabis treats/cures covid19, and cancer, but the state is using covid19 as an excuse to delay treatment to cancer patients! Just stop prohibiting cannabis, and stop hiding the truth (that it cures cancer and covid19), and all problems would be solved at once! (Which is why they would never allow it to happen!)

You are sooooo spot on with this post!!! I am needing to switch it all off and just happily live my alternate life here in Thailand, cos it INFURIATES me, all this propaganda & BS. My friend doing both chemo AND cannabis was given 8-12 weeks to live 14 weeks ago. He's doing a lot of other natural stuff too, like Vit C injections daily etc. His blood cancer markers have gone from 4500 to just on 450 in 9 weeks. I haven't been able to convince him to drop the chemo yet but he's close. 😆 I brew the cannabis oils for him. And he also uses a Thai govt cannabis oil product. He's doing awesomely well and I think-hope-pray has decades of life left in him, despite the "terminal" diagnosis with pancreatic-liver-lung stage 4.

Please keep advocating and posting!!!

Thanks for helping your friend. You're a good buddy to do that and take risks for his health. Obviously you know that cannabis cures many cancers. Just curious, do you know the exact type of cancer he has (not just location)? @MediKatie is a great researcher, and she may have some specific information on it that you haven't managed to find yet. Keep up the great work as a healer and advocate.

Thank you - that's soooo encouraging right now!! I just spoke to him a couple of hours ago and he wants to move from "extending his life" to being healed (like me - I'm 17 years on fro my "you have 3 years" diagnosis for bone cancer). A huge mental adjustment for him, as well as needing a more fine-tuned herbal response. I will message him about the exact name of his cancer and bleep @MediKatie to see if she has some suggestions - I make the oil for him at not inconsiderable risk cos the Thai Govt Cannabis Clinic's product only makes low THC oils. He's only 58 and wants to see his son graduate from university. I hope he will become a great advocate for natural healing.

He's also using daily injectable Vit C (which I "magic" up for him too LOL) cordyceps, reishi mushrooms, chinese herbs, controlled plant based alkalizing diet, ginseng, turmeric and a few other things. I haven't been hugely successful at getting him to slug down green smoothies etc but his progress is phenomenal and is astounding his oncologist.

My Thai herbal business is positioning itself to make cannabis products legally here - particularly unique wild Thai mountain strains, cannabis beeswax balms for painful arthritis etc and cannabis oil beeswax suppositories. Using wild organic mountain beeswax. Probably we're 2 years out from that being possible. But legally my Thai company is preparing. We have some hoops to jump through first, but planning on this as a refugee employment project along the Thai-Burmese border. Where it literally grows like a weed. LOL.


Have you heard of laetrile aka vitamin b17? I'm not saying it works necessarily, but it's something that the alternative medicine world has been talking about a lot, and it's now starting to make its way into the scientific literature. It does come with possible risk, so research is needed. Vitamin C on the other hand pretty safe to take in large amounts.

I remember seeing an interesting episode on a show called House, MD where a doctor was so sure that high doses of vitamin C cured diseases, so he ran trials to test it but doctored his results because he was so sure he was right. The show side-steps the issue of whether it's a cure or not and manufactures opinions in the viewer that vitamin C therapy is a stupid conspiracy theory because of this quack character. Luckily, it exposes critical thinkers immune to this cheap tactic to the idea so they can further research it.

Food is medicine. I could use a health boost this summer. I should get more sun on my skin (just not burned) and get more of some of those delicious things like turmeric and ginger. I need to eat less beyond burgers and more homemade and homegrown veg!

Good luck to your friend's cancer journey! Tell him that curing cancer with chemo is like killing a mosquito with a wrecking ball. Your body is destroyed after chemo and it plants the seeds for a bunch of new cancers in the not too distant future.

Wow, quite a mix of therapies you've got going on there! Clearly you've done a lot of research. I'm not well versed in the mushrooms, chinese herbs, or ginseng. But I don't doubt their potential to be therapeutic. Hopefully this strategy is what it takes, and your friend continues on this healing trajectory!

I don't know how legalization efforts there are, but here, we got tricked into MORE prohibition with our "legalization" in Canada (2018). Now it's 14 years in prison instead of 4, and there are far more offenses now than before. Even passing a joint to your 17 year old friend will get you thrown in prison for a long time. It's a corporate monopoly of insiders and profiteers. Peaceful growers and farmers market sellers are going to prison for something that is supposedly "100% legal". It's only legal for the state and their connected buddies. And the legal weed is very low potency, full of chemicals and pesticides that dissolve lung tissue when heated. Irradiated, not cured. Harsh and dead shwag at best. And it costs 5 times more than the black (free) market! That's why I say legalization is a lie and warn people that it isn't going to bring them the freedom they're being promised, and that they assume. It's all about controlling the people and the market.

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