Lemon Thai Kush 50/50 hybrid Review - Massachusetts is Creating a Licensed Vaporizer Cartridge Catalog

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Another hot day, if feels like summer's back - I rolled up some Lemon Thai Kush for an afternoon cool down. Sweet and tangy lemon drop flavor with a touch of skunky diesel - a smooth and balanced energy day buzz. The Massachusetts cannabis control commission is putting together a Licensed vaporizer cartridge catalog to combat illicitly obtained vaporizer cartridges that received the blame for the vape lung illness outbreak in 2019.

Lemon Thai Kush

The Lemon Thai Kush 50/50 balanced hybrid cannabis strain was created with the crossing of the Lemon Kush strain with a sativa from Thailand (Source). Lemon Thai Kush has a smooth 20% THC.


These indoor grown Lemon Thai Kush buds have vibrant greens, spindly bright orange pistils, and a thick coating of amber trichomes - they have a sweet and sour vaporous skunky, herbal lemon citrus zest aroma.


Massachusetts Develops Catalog for Licensed Vaporizer Cartridges

The Massachusetts cannabis control commission is developing a state catalog of licensed vaporizer cartridges with photos, potency, and other information - to help identify licensed carts from 'illicit' ones. This is in response to the lung illness outbreak from vaping last year - the illness was mostly tied to non licensed vaporizer cartridges (Source). Massachusetts had banned the sale of vape carts back in 2019 because of the vape related lung illness scare - the neighboring state of Maine saw a spike in vape cart sales during this time (Source). The Massachusetts control commission notes that it is not yet required for the licensed companies to participate in the catalog, but it may eventually become mandatory(Source).


The Roll Up

I reached for Greengo's the natural papers for the Lemon Thai Kush roll up. Light weight, single serving size - these light brown, unbleached wood fiber papers burn smooth and clean.


Sweet and sour skunky lemon citrus vanilla pine zest flavor - bright and tangy natural lemon citrus flavor, like with lemon grass. Euphoric rush from the lemon terpenes, the cushion and light haze creeps in - balanced energy and good motivation with this smooth day buzz. I'll save these Lemon Thai Kush buds for mornings, afternoons, and early evenings.

Know your local laws. This review is not intended to be medical advice.


looks delicious👍

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