Big Mac Breeding Update

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What's good Weed Nerds! Time for an update on my current breeding project. For those just tuning it, check out my last post on the subject here. I am currently working with 3 males, 1 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese, and 2 F2 Mac and Cheese. I will save pollen from both Mac and Cheese males, but will only use one to stud out, and experiment with the saved pollen on a later date. So far only 1 female has been pollinated with the Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese male, which will be the F2 generation that I will be dubbing Big Mac.

I am using my old "Blurple" for the female that has been pollinated.


For the other males, and soon to be pollinated females, I am using my balcony. Latley it has been raining, and cold. So I have been bringing them inside for the night, or leaving them by the window during the day. When I pollinate the other females I have, I will be letting them sit under the "blurple", while I leave the other pregnant female outside. The weather should be clear by then.

No pollen had dropped yet, but should be any day now!

Which will be perfect timing!

I have always told myself that I would never embark on another breeding project, until maybe I had a house, but once I start growing, and a male presents itself, I can not refuse. No matter the plant, I always get attached to it. But honestly this brings me so much joy. Sure its a pain in the ass, but a life with no challenges, is a life that is 6 feet under.......





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Another big payout bro! Keep up the awesome posts.

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Haha! No master here, but I have fun. Thanks for the comment:)

looking pretty killer if you ask me, Can't wait to see how the seeds come

Thanks man! I so far love the structure of this plant. One thing for sure, all energy is going into producing seeds.

Thanks mr dickey!

That purple lighting is so awesome. I can’t wait to start breeding as well. Good luck homie.

It's trippy, but I can't see anything at all. I like to be able to see details, to see how healthy the plant is, how far along the trichomes are, etc. Those pics have no such detail, just a big purple glow :P

Yeah i am glad i am getting my moneys worth. I remember when I was growing in the closet, I had this same light, and then I got another same exact light to run in there. Well I did not account for the heat. When I added the second light, my closet jumped from 80 to 100 degrees! If i had a tent with the same exhaust I would of been good. But the new lights they have, just like the one you got are so much superior.

Can you give me a link to discord again lol

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