My Two Boys, Banana Punch x Mac & Cheese

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What's up Weed Nerds! Ever wonder what a male cannabis flower looks like? Well look above. Those are male flowers, and within them is the building blocks of life. Once they open, pollen is released.

Once pollen comes in contact with a female pistol, it triggers a response to make seeds. In nature wind does the work of making sure pollen comes in contact with a female flower. Pretty amazing right! This is why growers tend to get rid of a male ASAP. But with proper care, a male can be kept in order to make seeds. There are a few ways someone can go about this. Either put the female in the same space as the male, and let a fan be the wind. Or you can collect the pollen, and apply it your self. This is called "Controlled Pollination". This is a great method if you do not want your whole crop seeded. Here soon I will be doing post's on this.

I have 2 Banana Punch x Mac & Cheese males. I am currently flowering them under an old blurple light. Both are almost identical, but the one in the back is standing out as a better stud to me. I will let them flower fully, so that way I can choose the best one to make good seed stock with.

Which one do you like the best?



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If you flower the females fully before pollinating, won't a lot of the seeds be small and immature?

You need at least 6 weeks for the seeds to mature. So the ideal time to pollinate would be day 20-30 of flower. :)

The above female is my auto, and used as an example of white pistols. But I would suspect they are still in a good window to pollinate. But the seeds then would be semi auto. Meaning some seeds would be photo, and some auto.

Oh I thought you meant "fully" as in until they are fully matured (nearing harvest). You just meant once the flowers are full grown. :)

Interesting info! Some day I will try this...

I have a habit of getting attached to anything that has roots;)

You’ll get seeds too.

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I have done the "controlled pollination" method but my fan was out of control and spread the pollen to another plant. It is fun to do though, keep growing!

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What I did was put a sandwich bag on the pollinated branch, and turned the fans off for 2 days. Risky, but worth it. I may look into another way though.

What I did was put a sandwich bag on the pollinated branch, and turned the fans off for 2 days. Risky, but worth it. I may look into another way though.