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Are those autos? Or are you monster cropping?

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We are Monster Cropping to start "SCROG"ing
We Took Clippings from a few nice plants that were 2 weeks into flowing, took cuttins, and rooted them.
The New clones are now being pushed back into Veg cycle by 18-24 hr lights which I kinda judge it by how the plant reacts because 24 hours is pretty stressful for the plant and needs periodic breaks from what I understand.
After the Clones are back into Veg Mode I can start training them by topping and helping to bring the lower buds up to the canopy which is the Screen Of Green method or SCGROGing.
I hope I explained this decent. If there is anything anyone wants to add or has comments or advice be sure to post.
I know I still have lots to learn, and love hearing about tips and tricks

Looking good for 5 weeks. I didn't know they grew that fast.
I just got about ten seeds from a friend to plant. Will be my first time planting.

Good luck

Thanks a lot!