Thinking about Trading Seeds

in WeedCash Network3 months ago (edited)

To Seed or Not to Seed

As I was sitting here with the tedious task of sorting through 6 types of cannabis, I got lost into thinking.

I was thinking to myself if I wanted seeds, and someone traded them for HIVE, JAVA's or Weedcash tokens, I would have no problem trading if the price was right.

I also wouldnt mind trading seeds for HIVE, JAVA, or WeedCash.

So here I am with these seeds, wondering, "What should I be doing with them".
I had just finished reading an article about exchanging Hive for marijuana milkshakes in Jamaica and that is awesome.

I definitely like seeing the different things I can purchase with crypto and it makes it seem more like a currency I can use. Using HIVE is pretty easy since there are no gas fees and such, which not only seem to drain the pocket book but also the mind from overthinking about how much fees for this and how much fees for that.

I like to keep things simple when I am just learning but I know nothings all that simple all the time so if anyone has any pointers or ideas or thoughts on the subject dont hesitate to drop a line.

I'm all ears