Checking out the New Weedcash Outpost! This Agent Orange Is Some Strong Stuff

weedcash wednesday.jpeg

What's happening everyone! It's Wednesday, so it's another Weed Market Wednesday! Having to share the Youtube version of the video because 3Speak failed to upload the video twice. You will probably have to subscribe to watch due to age restriction...

Today I am chilling on some Agent Orange live resin that has a punch.

Also going over the new outpost! It's our new front end that is going to give us some awesome features right out of the box like access to the diesel pool, but also expansion into NFTs and a possible DHF kind of fund.

Also talking about changing up the Wednesday videos to start hosting a smoke session with guests!

If you want to get involved, let me know!

Also check out the @canna-community post talking about the update!

We are also going to make this today's WeedChat post... What are some things you are wanting to talk about in a community smoke session! I want to keep them topic oriented if possible, but you know... potheads... lol...

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stupid 3speak was down for me the other day, Right after talking to you haha. My youtube got this ban as well so I said fuck them

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Do you know why you got banned off of YouTube? That's pretty messed up. I do controversial political content, so I'm surprised I haven't been banned yet.

Didn't get banned. The weedcash videos are age restricted. You just have to go and view it on YouTube.

Yeah I think I am going to still post, but I think I am also going to start posting to LBRY as well so I can share that link if 3speak goofs.

Yeah that's a good idea, I find lbry hard to get views without dropping a load on lbry in each video but it's great for not being centralized

Wednesday smoke session I like it

It sounds like a great time for us all to chat sometime too.

I mentioned this on a different post. Likely, I won't be using the diesel pool because I already actively trade on TribalDex/HiveEngine however that doesn't mean I won't eventually contribute to the pool. Generally, I like the feature and the idea of having a quick exchange on the front-end without leaving the website. Will be useful for the newer users who prefer to use this front-end.

Or those of us older users that like quick swaps, like me, lol.

That sucks about 3speak. I will watch this when I get home, but seeing a video on how, and what a diesel pool is would be so cool.

I will do one when I get the distribution contract going

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