AFRITUNES #29 || FAME by Adekunle Gold

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Lovers of Good Music on Hive!

Lovers of African Music on Hive!

My Afri-tunes Community people!

This is another week in our lovely Afri-tunes Community, a community that fosters and spreads love on Hive blockchain through our African Tunes and music.

This is week 29 of our musical event in the Community.


For this week, I'll be sharing a beautiful song by Adekunle Gold titled, Fame. This song has a striking lyrics that prompts one to reflect on the desire to receive Fame at the expense of one's family or friends.

In this "Masterpiece" by Adekunle Gold, he questions the necessity for searching for outward fame and wealth, when inwardly one is unsettled, bitter and lonely.

AG Baby (as he is called) and his wife Simi never fail to give us great music with captivating lyrics and wonderful instrumentation.

Well, for this piece, I'll be doing a guitar cover recreating the rhythm in a first video and the melody in another.

I hope you enjoy this piece



I've gone to many places with a lonely heart
I'm longing for a place where I can be a part
I'm here in my own house but home seems so far
I've tried to cut the distance but I feel it's so far

Sometimes, my mama's house don't feel like home
Sometimes, my baby's arms don't feel like home
Sometimes, with my friends, I feel alone
Sometimes, I feel alone


Lyrics gotten from

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Special thanks to starstrings01 obaro and every supporters of this great community. KSAM loves you all.


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This is so cool with the guitar. Thanks for sharing

Thanks dear
I appreciate your comment

You are most welcome

Daddy yoo... The comrade of the highest hierarchy!
I see what you are doing!
Chei, the melody you squeezed out of that guitar can't be measured.
Hope your day is going well sir?

Brotherly no mind my quack playing ooo 😅
The boy was just test running something

Thanks brother
I'm grateful for your comment

You good chief.
Keep rocking man!