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Hello musicians, It's Afri-tunes week 28... it's always a blessing for me having an opportunity to engage with other musicians on this platform, seeing different contents from different people it's so fun and lovely.

I appreciate everyone posting on this platform for dedicating their time to do it. You guys made my days most times as I check through individuals entries, week in week out, I always have one or two things to learn from our various entries.

For this week I'll be presenting a song titled DADDY WEY DEY PAMPER BY MOSES BLISS. I fell in love with the song right from the first time of me hearing it. The song talks about how much God loves us, how He cares for us, always having our backs even when we fail Him, always showing us mercy and grace every night and day. Am using this song to praise Yahweh for being my God.
I hope you'll enjoy it.

Even when I fall your hand
You still dey hold my hand
Lover of my soul, You nor dey break my heart
I’ll sing about your mercy
I’ll sing about your grace
Na u dey burst my brain
Every night and day

Daddy wey dey pamper
Daddy wey Dey bless
Forever you’re my father
Na u dey give me rest
When I look around
I see your faithfulness
I’ll bow down on my knees
Cos na u wey be the best

oh oh oh oh oh...

Thanks for stopping by.
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You dey always deliver na why we dey call you G.O.A.T

No be lie, Daddy dey pamper us well well... Him dey provide for us amidst this kyn hot SAPA wey wan wound boys bayi... Him dey always guide our steps when we dey hustle... Him dey always provide for boys make boys no start to dey do yamayama things just because of SAPA.

Wonderful song brother and a lovely message.
Your voice no get duplicate bayi.

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Hmm now am blushing like real blushing 😃😃
Well said boss, we thank God for having our backs, baba wey dey pamper wey dey always show love even when men dey backbite us, baba wey no fit serve us breakfast like some people, Las las e no kun allow Sapa tie us down. Glory to Him 🙌🙌

Thanks for the beautiful comments boss, your presence here is well appreciated.

Blush ke???
Oga be calming Dan abeg ooo

No wahala brother
You're doing well

Lol thanks boss 🤲

Sholex my man with the voice.
How do you drag the words in singing so cool?
Hmmm, me won know oo.
Abi na your secret signature?

@Jmis101 my person, thanks so much for those sweet words.
But then I can see that you're whining me with that question. You sing far better than I do so I should be learning from my boss. 🙌

Is not whining thing oo
I seriously want to learn that your secret signature oo

Hmm okay oo my boss.

Boss ke

Baba @sholex94 no wan tell us him secret techniques 🥺

Baba is it fair like this bayi?
What ya doing is not good oooo

Boss ksam, God bless you oo.
E don wave the talk so oo.

At all 🤧🤧
But God pass am 🤧


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👏👏👏👏👏 I love this song so much. One of my favourites of recent. You sang so well too.

Am glad you like it dear , thanks for the beautiful comment... Your presence is motivating and well appreciated. Blessings ✌️

You're most welcome 🤗

longest time @sholex94
you get fine voice o brother
its been a while I post here< I really miss this community,
This is such a lovely song boss

Thanks so much my boss, am glad you like it... Will be looking forward to seeing your entries often.