So many traders (gamblers) rekt today

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Bitcoin price has pulled back significantly. Altcoins have pulled back even more. Apparently up to half a million 'traders' have been liquidated on exchanges.

As usual, Coinbase picked that eventful time to have a "system update" lol.

It turns out that a lot of these new 'traders' (gamblers) don't know what they're doing. I saw a bunch of posts on social media asking what "liquidation" is, because it just happened to them in some exchange.

I also saw that up to half a million people have had their trades liquidated! I wonder how many of those are going to go away thinking "crypto is a scam". The unfortunate truth is they weren't "trading crypto", they were gambling.

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I'm enjoying the chance to buy a bit but it keeps going lower. 😂 I'm only buying 0.003 at a time though so not exactly a big risk taker. The plan will be to HODL as always and hope the upward hype is correct.

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That's the right way to do things. You're going to be rich! Maybe you'll be able to afford to play golf at our exclusive club after all. Lambos and Bentleys only though.

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Bloody hell there better be something better than a Bentley, Lambo or exclusive club membership at the end of all this. The rich crypto brigade are welcome to them. Passive income is what I'm after or a slow sell off each year, just below the CGT threshold. 😂


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"just below the CGT threshold"

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Many people are blinded by the prospect of money and gains they forgot Cryptocurrency can be complicating and they're need understanding of what they're doing.

There's a need for mass education I think

That was to be expected. Crypto is very volatile ... well, they knew that ... gamblers ... 🤑 😎

LOL agreed :)

I picked up some Stellar the other day. Also grabbed some #CTP this morning off Hive Engine. Other than that, I am just waiting for things to settle some and will pick up some more down the road. Until then I' grab some more Hive every so often.

Calm heads win in the end for sure. Bets to sit the madness out unless you're a professional trader making a lot of money off the dips.


When will normies ever learn?

Apparently never :)

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So what is going to happen now. Bitcoin anf all other cryptocurrencies are going further down.

I think they will all go back up soon enough, probably even tomorrow.

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Yes. I have same idea. Infact they are bouncing back now.