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RE: Shopping for land in Canada. Found this Offgrid Cabin near Lake Superior Provincial Park for $35 k

in DTubelast year

Nice, when I do visit Canada anytime, i will contact you first. I may also be able to get nice houses.


Keep on beeing a dev in Blurt and soon you will buy us all a house 🪄☺️🪄

Those Blurt guys will all be Billionaires in a few months. Especially with all these Cosmos-DIG airdrops. It’s crazy.

I was looking at the airdrops but still try to find out in the heck where they are

You only got the DIG airdrop if you had a bunch of Blurt many months ago.

You will be flying on you Private Blurt Jet in a few months.

Or take a Blurt Yacht 🛥 up the St Lawrence and we'll meet in Killarney in July.

I wish the god is hearing you and we can meet soon like this 😊👍

Yes … all the gods of Blurtland are hearing us. Soon we will be Billionaires. We will all have a very nice Offgrid cabin on Lake Superior. I am buying all the land for DIG.