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RE: Job Fair in Almere for Ukrainians - Netherlands

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So why a volunteer job? Is that also in your profession , because wouldn’t a paying job be better for the near future? It’s all so difficult! We as Dutchies try but some things are just not greatly arranged.
It’s the first time and so many things are needed, I hope it will change soon. So how was your first day , Saturday? Did you like it and what are the activities?

Have a great Wednesday dear


Well, unfortunately, many things are not settled and confusing. I have seen some paid jobs but they were not for me. The work I am doing now is okay for now and they said they will pay a minimum wage which is not bad. A skilled job will take time and I started dropping my cv as well but for now, this small job will work for me.

And that’s great news

It's better than nothing and I was completely frustrated so I just wanted to do something to get out of my depression...