The illiterate people of the society are not the problem of the society, the problem is when the educated people also support the wrong. Dtube lifetalk

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There are two sides to anything. One happy side and the other sad side. Without them the combination of life can never be interesting. If we have positive tendencies, then from time to time negative tendencies also dominate us. You will find two types of people in the society also. One who is affected by negative things quickly and other people who, despite being intelligent, come in contact with that thing. Situation become poor when the educated class also starts supporting the wrong. A boy who was possessed of brilliant intellectual power. suddenly has some disorder in his brain and he starts behaving abnormally. Instead of showing the problem to the doctor, his educated family takes him to the exorcist who exorcists. Tired of the harassment, the child leaves the house and runs away. Six months are about to complete but even today that child has not come back. There is also one aspect of society where people think like this..
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