The price of things is before it is received while the value of human being is after it is lost.

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a very lovely Sunday..
In this video I am trying to make comparison between the value of human being and the things..We always try to get a group of good people around us, but at that time we do not appreciate them but when we lose them we miss them.
Perhaps this is why it is said that the price of goods is decided beforehand, but the price of a person is known after losing it.We get bored with the old woman or man at home soon, but they are most needed in wedding ceremonies or any other cultural events.
so I always try to give importance equally to everyone who is all around you to give right suggestion at the right time..These are the people who try to fill the emptiness of life.
Thank you
Have a nice Sunday

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Good Afternoon🙏, Nice one comparison