Sometimes in life we ​​become bad even without doing anything wrong because we don't do what people want us to do. Dtube lifetalk

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We are like puppets in front of fate, who play our game well. What we think, what we want to do, seldom happens. Maybe that's why it is said that this world is a stage and we are all just players, who have to play the role that comes in our part. Sometimes we have to live a narrow life even though we are not wrong and all our efforts to prove ourselves right go in vain. You will get to see some similar scenes in the form of short videos on various social media. It is only meant to be said that when the circumstances are unfavourable, our good deeds also turn into bad deeds. Whatever we do, the result is always negative. Maybe that's why life is so interesting. What we think never happens, but happens that which is good for us.
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