Good work should reach the people. It is not necessary to know who did it. Dtube lifetalk

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Hello beautiful world!
Happy weekend to my all friends..
If we are doing some good work in life then there is no need to display it in front of the people. I have seen many such people on social media who highlight even a little charity so much that people say brother Let it be. The truth is that good work should reach people, whatever be the medium. I remember in the early phase of this blockchain a great personality Dpend sir gave me fifty steem power to do more engagement. Which he took back after about a year and a half, while that person did not even recognize me much. I used to comment only on his posts, that's why he deligated me. Presently some similar generosity is needed. It is not necessary that if we help someone, then show it off. God is a witness to the cooperation done in a calm manner and with a sincere heart.
Thanks for being here..
Have a splendid weekend..

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