Dtube interview - Interviwing Dsound Creator !

in DTubelast month

This interview was very important for me. I finally started to interview project leaders and creators of platforms. I started by interviwing @prc the creator of Dsound.audio. I liked all his iseas and in the video he explained a lot about how the system works. It was the longest interview in my life. Almost one hour and half of great emotions and a lot of information opening my eyes.

I'm very sad that dsound is not working now. I hope they will restart everything because a lot of people counted on them. In the community they have singers from all kind of music and from many countries in the world. All their content was there and now it just desapear and when I click on links I'm jusr redirected to dsound.io where I don't see any content !

Anyway I hope dsound will work again and we will all enjoy the decentralized audio !

Enjoy hearing from @prc !