Late Start Stringing Along - October 12, 2021 IAAC

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Good Morning early birds, how are my peeps today? How is your pain management treating you?

Starting a little later today not getting out the door till 5am. When I sat down to record the first clip of the morning the idea of a daily pain report came to mind. After setting my goals at the end of the pain report I spent an hour doing that exercise.

At home I set to stringing masks for #MeckDesigns some of which are our upcoming #Halloween options 😍 others for orders and to be listed on our webpage. I didn’t quite get them bagged before heading to work but the most tedious part is done.

Again, after work pass out. Took Jerry for a nice walk but I did not record anything. My mind is foggy if that time which makes me believe I was starting to get exhausted by pain. I do know I laid down right after our walk and once getting comfortable fell asleep. Comfortable AKA laying down with one leg thrown over back of couch 🙃

Created with the #GoPro App on my iPhone.

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