Batman - NES game play

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Which is your favorite Batman. Well I'm not exactly sure if the 60's Batman is cool enough with the Ford Lincoln Futura, but my first impression with Michael Keaton version of futuristic turbo jet engine really turned my head and actually think Batmobile is one of the coolest thing in the world.

The game was introduced in 1989, consider one of the more "advanced" version of NEs game with better storage cartridge, take up more memory, more effort and making the pictures looks more realistic than the large pixel squarish eyes lego alike animation.

Tried to challenge a little bit of the game, it wasn't exactly easy. I think I'm going to try to use the "save" function, just to get by each level from tomorrow onwards. If not, you guys will have to watch me kill the Batman over and over again and get stuck at the same level for donkey years. Excuse for my slowpokeness, I wasn't any good at controlling skill, but I do enjoy going through these games and see who are the boss and how the story ends.

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