Tackling Bots on DTube | This One is for You @Phoneinf..

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2 very easy questions that I am looking forward to hearing from A. from aka @phoneinf ..
I don't if you guys have noticed but there are some abusers on DTube and it's best we best find a way of how to deal with them sooner than later. We need to be launch ready!

T-MINUS 52 DAYS to Launch!

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I agree, there have been a bunch of abusers on DTube. @crystalliu is one of it, not only he is spamming all 3 chains, the spam videos are marked as "original content" where it is clearly not.

The circle voting ring is even more worse, as the DTCs that are obtained can screw up Avalon blockchain consensus by voting up multiple "witness accounts" which do not have a node running, so it will constantly miss blocks. One of the accounts is currently ranked #6 and have been missing blocks for months. Given the amount of tokens that those accounts got, it is possible to vote up at least 3 accounts into the top 10 and make things even worse.

Perhaps the curation reward and content discovery algorithm needs to be worked on here 🤔

such a phoneinf fangirl, me too

I thought Launch was MAy 12th. They moved it back ??

Yes they did. Still working on it, said need 7 more weeks :)

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