Incoming PTSD

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Whether we agree with each other about what is actually happening regarding covid isn't important. How we care for each other is.

After having several chats with friends that are either doctors or nurses, there is one thing that is very clear....there is trauma.

Like human soldiers on the battle field, the medical profession seems to be in their own battle. The lack of staffing and added compliance measures...not to mention the deaths they see daily. There will be long term trauma.

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I agree 100%.

Whatever else is true, when all is said and done, we still have to share this beautiful planet, and it will be infinitely easier, more effective, and more beneficial for all if we can dialogue with whose with whom we disagree, to find a collective better way forward.

In the end, we're all human beings, and flaws and all, we have far more in common than not.

Let's stop demonizing one another and learn to agree to disagree again, and to really listen with presence, with an eye toward deepening understanding.

Our world, humanity, and all life on Earth may depend upon it.

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