How To Remove Dreadlocks / Stacie D removes 7 1/2 year old dreadlocks *SHOCKING*

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Life flows in cycles. We have found that every 7 years we are different people. Not just that our cells have been replaced, but our personalities have changed. Stacie D is ready for that kind of change!!

After 7 1/2 years of having dreadlocks she is taking them out. We are using Knotty Boy emergency dreadlocks removal kit. It is a shampoo and conditioner that helps to soften the dread and remove build up. We are also using a metal rat tail comb and a spray bottle of warm water.

The process of removing dreadlocks this way is time consuming, but leaves you with longer straight hair when you are done. I hope this helos with information and encouragement! And some entertainment!! #dreadlocks #howto #remove

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