Mainstream Media Openly Saying No Jab? No Grocery Store for You!

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Just amazing how fast this is happening. It’s getting real and fast. Meanwhile in Europe a million protesting today. How fast freedom fades. I wish today I could hear what my grandfather would say.

I do wanna add one thing. I know many who got jab and are refusing to except vaccine passport. I know on Hive it’s intense topic. This shouldn’t be about the vaccine right now. I mean to say let’s all stand together. (You know six feet apart😂) sorry had to get one joke in it’s so tense. But seriously we can disagree and It’s a important issue I get it. But please let’s not let it separate freedom lovers wiling to stand together against what I honestly see as fascism rising in the west.

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The media drives the fear.

I dont think a person could have intentionally invented a more divisive issue than the whole virus deal. You cant make this stuff up.

is it really mainstream when most people on youtube have a larger audience.

I would say at this point with the viewer numbers CNN is more of a fringe media (not news)

Same with CBC in Canada, comments are disabled on all their YouTube videos. A few older videos have comments and they just get roasted by both left and right wing Canadians lol

Nobody could have predicted the effects of the Coronavirus worldwide

What’s the point? Are you saying this is ok policy if there is questions or confusion?

Brother you misunderstand her comment. Trust me go back

Hey I think I replied to wrong comment or was just confused b4. Ignore my previous comment. Sorry about that