My Entry for Weekly Battle Challenge - KOBOLD MINER

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My Entry for Weekly Battle Challenge - KOBOLD MINER

Hello all monsters lovers,

This is my entry for Share your Battle Weekly Challenge hosted by @splinterlands. Here is the link to post

This Week Theme : KOBOLD MINER



The Kobolds of the Burning Lands are skilled at seeking and extracting precious stones from the innards of the planet. Their favorite tools are torches and hammers. Thanks to the extreme pride they take in their mining work, they happily accept their situation of servitude to the Torch.

KOBOLD MINER is a Low mana card with Meele Attack.

Here is the stats of the card.


Its a low mana card. At initial level it have one melee attack and at higher level it has 3 ranged attack. The Speed of starts from 2 and goes upto 5.
KOBOLD MINER is a great card with low mana cost and nice sneak ability. Combining it with Elven Cutthroat is more effective and duo take down the back end monster very easily.

Sneak- "Targets the last Monster on the enemy Team instead of the first Monster."

Battle Details

Rule Set - Weak Magic
Here the screen shot of the cards lineup.
Here is the link to battle.


Total mana cap for the monster selection was 40 mana.

Monster Lineup


Goblin Mech is a card with huge attack and good life with Armor. I used it so that I can hit with high damage to the opponent.


With a fast speed of five, melee attack of 2 with reach ability is good for second position.


To destroy the back end monster the KOBOLD MINER is a good choice.


ELVEN CUTTHROAT & KOBOLD MINER is dangerous combination for opponent.


ZALRAN EFREET a Legendary card with Life Leech & Cleanse (at level two) ability. /i used it at second last position for two reason, first at last I used the MAGNOR which has Tount ability and if opponent use the monster with blast ability then ZALRAN can stand for some round (because of Life Leech). Second reason was if all the front line monster will be out then the ZALRAN will come on first position and as it will take some round and by the time ZALRAN will increase his life with Life Leech.

Sixth - MAGNOR

I love to use this card in case of high mana game. I always use the first line monster with high attacking power when I used Magnor because it will attract all the attacks (it has good life and Armor) and by the time front end monster take down the opponent's tank monster.

Is my Stretegy works... Yes KOBOLD MINER along with ELVEN CUTTHROAT take down the back end monsters. Opponents used the CAMILA SUNGAZER
summoner which reduce the melee attack by one and CYCLOPS because of shield withstand for some time but the KOBOLD MINER along with ELVEN CUTTHROAT doe his job very well.

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