Written Music from old days (guess 2000)

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From a time I wrote some music with the computer mouse/keyboard. I thought I can make it sound like classic with less of knowledge. Hm, somehow it sounds a little bit like classic and more less of knowledge. So far nice to remember.

(This is the second upload. More than 30 min. before, I already tried it)

▶️ DTube

That's good! How did you produce it? I mean what kind of Software is that and would you mind sharing the midi with me if it even exists? I would love to bring this Song to new life with some high-quality Synthesizers and a bit of audio mastering.

Nothing professional. Just playing around and see where it gets. 😊

sry, for my english.. usually german.. just for vids I write some english.
As far as I remember I wrote this song in "capella" a free software to write notes. At the moment Iam using Linux and as software [musescore]. The midi file is still existing (For the Video this was the Midifile) If you would like, you sure can have the midifile.

But at the moment Iam not sure how to send this to you. (perhaps some fileuploader, but I dont know which best)

Edit: Atm Iam uploading a musescore file to their cloud.

and one thing... I can not see this video on my own blog. Where do you can see this?

---Ok, I found it with "all Posts"

Ok, got now possibility for midi


Download and chose midi.

Achso ok. Dann reden wir halt deutsch. 😅

Cool danke für den Link, aber da müsste ich mich leider anmelden und da ich mich kenne, vergesse ich dann die Free Trial zu kündigen. xD

Wenn du einen Google Account hast, kannst du Dateien bei Drive hochladen und mit einem Link freigeben. Ansonsten kannst es mir auch gern per Discord schicken (Remotehorst23#6069) falls du das hast. Wenn du da keinen Bock drauf hast, auch kein Problem.

Danke dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast. Hab dir nen kleinen Tip dagelassen.^^

Du kannst es auch einfach rehiven, dann erscheint es in Deinem Blog.

aah, wart mal.. danke. Ich schau mal wie das geht.

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