The Unrealisable Peak Of Happiness; How Do We Find An Equlibrum State?

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100% of hapiness is not obtainable and this is basically insatiability is what is at the heights of human expectations. In this format we can say happiness varies in diverse form but then irrespective of what makes people happy there are some other things that are simultaneously making them sad which means that no one can stay 100% happy with everything that is happening in their life at the same time.

This is to mean that's people find the equilibrium of happiness by choosing to be satisfied with what they desire the most and not everything to the last drop that they desire.

This virtually proves that complete happiness is a virtual state of the mind which is somehow incomprehensible and unreachable.

This isn't to say that we do not have a scale of preference and that is why sometimes we tend to develop a concept of being grateful to the things that happens to us irrespective of the things that didn't happen to us.

In this video I spoke about how we have come to understand accept life's unreal reality and this prompts us to create our happiness respective of how little it might seem.

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The more you seek happiness, the further it is from you. Why would you seek anything that is not already within you? I speak to you and to myself 😅

Sometimes we can't get it all, we get some and become appreciative of how far we have totally come. thanks for your comment

And we have come pretty far!

Great vblog you are amazing.

happiness = just accept what we have and what we really are. 🙏

You're amazing too, thanks for the comment

my pleasure 🎄👍🙏

I agree with you, no one can be 100% happy, we only try as much to find contentment in what we have or receive

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