IAAC 40 | Recent curfew in my nearest city ahmedabad due to covid-19 | Some tips to repair your CPU instantly

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Hi there ! I hope you are doing well. This is my 40th submission of i am alove challenge. The bad news comes from the ahemadabad city and that was the hot topic yesterday on twitter.

Well the curfue applied on ahemadabad. And it was happened suddenly. Anyway second thing i want to share that is about instant CPU repair and i hope you will like it too.

So watch the video and if you have any question regarding this topic then let's discuss it in the comment section.

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Have a nice day

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I hope your curfew does its job. Or else it will just be a bother for many, being so sudden.
Good instructions, but I think they would go better with some kind of visual. That might help someone who doesn't know much about computers understand it better.

Have a good weekend!

this curfew is not useful at all my friend, I think this stupid decision without announcement. Instead of this theere are many solutions but they are not thinking.

Thanks for your valuable feedback ♥

Every government is dumb like that I think. 😅
Even here in my country we've had multiple different implementations of lockdowns and curfews, without actual research backing the decisions.

hahaha !
The truth has been spoken.
But you know they are expert in one thing and that is corruption. They are increasing their property. No one wants to do Human service.

And this is where blockchain comes in for us. And soon everyone else. :)

very well said. blockchain for people that is why indian government banned it. But indian crpto community is strong too. they are contributed a lot to remove ban from crypto.

Stay safe brother, the situation is getting worst every where. Today Ukraine came up with news rules, soon will make a video about it...

oh sad to hear this. please you also stay safe sister in this critical situation . have a nice day ahead.

Just take things easy it might be for the best of the citizens stay safe and stay alive

well said brother. Thanks for feedback