On Saturday afternoon I tried to clean a road in our area || CLEANPLANET - 30/10/2021🌍🌏 ||

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@cleanplanet - 30/10/2021

Hey friends.Welcome back to my another @cleanplanet walk.And happy Saturday from Bangladesh.Today is Saturday, 30 October 2021(আজ শনিবার ৩০ অক্টোবর ২০২১).I hope you're having a great day.

Friends this afternoon I tried to remove some of the polluted garbage and plastic from a road in our area.Friends you know I always try to save our environment.Because if our environment is free from pollution, we can live well.So today I collected polluted garbage and plastics from a road in our area and threw them in the dustbin.I made a video while collecting garbage and plastic.I shared the video with you here.See my road cleaning mission in the video above.

Finally I will say, let us save our environment.

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Our roads are dirty most of the times and you have done a good job and I think we all should try to do such kind of work so that we can make our country better and in the way we can make the planet better for us and our next generation.
Happy Saturday