My nature cleaning mission in the Monday morning || CLEANPLANET - 01/11/2021🌍🌏 ||

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@cleanplanet - 01/11/2021

Hello dtubers and Hivers.Welcome back to my another @cleanplanet walk.Today is Monday, 01 November 2021(আজ সোমবার ০১ নভেম্বর ২০২১).I hope you're having a great day.

Friends today is Monday.This morning I tried to clean some of the polluted garbage from the nature of our village.Shortly after waking up this morning I went for a walk in the middle of nature.When I was walking in a place of nature in our village.Then I saw some polluted garbage there.Then I collected that polluted garbage and threw them in the dustbin of village.This Monday morning I made a video while cleaning the polluted garbage from nature.I shared that video with you here.In the video above you will see the moment of cleaning.See my nature cleaning mission in the Monday (@cleanplanet - 01/11/2021) morning🖕.

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