On Tuesday morning I tried to remove polluted garbage from green nature || CLEANPLANET - 09/11/2021🌍🌏 ||

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@cleanplanet - 09/11/2021

Friends today is Tuesday, 09 November 2021.This morning I went to a another village in our Tangail district.The name of that village is Raipara (রায়পাড়া).Basically I went for a walk in the nature of that village this morning.I went to a place in the green nature of that village.There was green nature and different kinds of small and big trees.There was a tree garden.That place is very beautiful and natural.So this Tuesday morning I was walking in the middle of that green nature.While walking there I saw some polluted garbage or plastic.I think this plastic is very harmful to our green nature.Then I collected those plastics and threw them in the dustbin of Tangail municipal.I made a video while collecting plastics from green nature.I shared that video with you here.In today's video you will see the moment of collecting polluted garbage or plastic from nature (@cleanplanet - 09/11/2021).

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You are always doing some good work and I appreciate you all the time for yourself and for wonderful work. you have explained the problem of plastic bags to nature and you have tried to clean the green area that feels important and great. keep on your work and thank you very much for your wonderful work.