What is Good Content?

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All the advice you ever hear about blogging is this dumb statement. "Just make good content!"
So what exactly is good content?
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It's true you get paid every time you create of find a great piece of content, write a stella blog post or uploaded the best photo of all time. So what is it?

Hive has a blogging platform and it's a very friendly and social website but the technology behind it is far from ordinary.
That's another video to do.

It pays its contributors for creating and finding good content using 'hive' and hive backed dollars (HBD) that you can swap for Bitcoins, other crypto currencies or cash.
The more Hive power you accumulate the more control you can have over your voting power.

Hive uses your content to build its block chain. Building strong links in the process and generating more hive to distribute to it's users.
These tokens can be exchanged for other tokens or local fiat cash.
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Filmed on a this smartphone camera
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Music Fluidscape by John MacCloed.

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Sometimes, it is not your content, but who you know. :-)
So, it is rather misleading to say, "Just make good content." A new comer may make good content. But when he sees that a simple post of one photo got tens of dollars, while his well thought out good content post gets a couple of cents, how long do you think he will stay. Just saying. 😊

Yep that is exactly what I said in the video. 😋👍
What did you think of that ass? 😂

The ass is as handsome as an ass can be. The arse, however, is hedious.😂

😂😂😂 Agreed the ass looked more attractive than that arse! 😂😂👍