KAY G101 Acoustic Travel Guitar Authentic Delta Blues Tone

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This is what those old delta blues guitars would have sounded like. This old beat up travel guitar is just the kind of size and sound that they would have had. Cheap and compact guitars that the players would feel right at home with. I can almost feel the ghost of Robert Johnson looking over my shoulder when I play this guitar.

Like many guitars of the past 100 years this Kay G101 was sold by the catalogue companies on a pay per weekly basis so you had to work to pay for it.

I'm fixing this one up for the grandkids. I like the authentic sound of these old timey travel guitars.

Amazon links
Travel Size Sapele Compact Acoustic Guitar https://amzn.to/3158CZz
Fingerstyle Blues Guitar: Master Acoustic Blues Guitar Fingerpicking and Soloing https://amzn.to/35lRLVW

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Yeah in the old days money was mighty scarce. A guy played whatever he could I am sure. Sounds cool to me.

Yep any old thing would suffice as long as they could get a tune out of it. 🎶🎸😂👍

I had to fix up an old East German (DDR) guitar for a charity shop. That had a real tinny sound to it, but it could suit some styles of music. I even took it to the pub one night to play.

Yep this guitar has a very distinctive tone. Pure delta blues.
We have to remember that these old timey blues players were mostly broke and could barely afford to buy even the cheapest guitar.
It didn't stop them making some great music. 🎶🎸😋👍

I expect some fancy luthiers will build you an expensive guitar that sounds like a cheap one to get that sound :)

Haha you could be right. Where there's a buck to be made? 🎶🎸😱😂👍
Have you had the jab yet?

I'm thinking about resuming meetups?

All our house have had the first one now. My second is in late May. I would hope we can at least meet in a pub garden this summer.

That's great news to hear. Well done Steve.
Pub garden sounds doable 😷👍

I've decided to learn the piano first now. LOL. I've had a digital piano and a guitar for most of my life and just never bothered learning haha.

Haha that I've got to hear. What keyboard have you got?
I'm looking for a keyboard of some kind too.
Piano was my first instrument then later I switched to guitar.
Have you had the jab yet?