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RE: Did you have tried those video formats already? (DTube Tips!)

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I do agree that there could be more tutorials on here. I appreciate your concerns and ideas. However I really think it is a matter of scale. Firstly I believe there is eventually an audience for any kind of videos. Secondly I think we are comparing my wallet to Warren Buffett's wallet lol. Once Dtube reaches some critical mass of scale, the variety will follow.


Thanks for your comment and input :) Warren will make this joke about us some day.. perhaps.. ^^ I hope that we find more variety of content with the current userbase already. Here are many exciting people and too many "success in life means..." videos. but I agree that it will come with time and creators. I just have the feeling that many are trapped in a format "one way street" doing videos they actually not enjoy on their own. I personally experienced that some time ago. I searched for topics with a narrow perspective and just did what I always did. Everyone is different of course and hopefully a few will think more out of the box if they experience the same as I did :)

Well I took your advice and did a tutorial of sorts today on day trading. Trust me I am all for variety. I guess I wonder will scammers be stopped from stealing content from YouTube. it will be cool to see how things change and grow.