The Idhun Chronicles Season 1 Review

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The Idhun Chronicles (Memorias de Idhún) is a Spanish fantasy animated series produced by Zeppelin TV for #Netflix. It is based on the Idhún's Memories book saga by Laura Gallego. The series was released globally on September 10, 2020. #TheIdhunChronicles

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After necromancer Ashran seizes power in Idhún, enforcing his reign of terror through an army of flying snakes, the first battle for the land's freedom will take place on the Earth, where impulsive teenager Jack and aspiring wizard Victoria will face dangerous assassin Kirtash, sent by Ashran to Earth to destroy the Idhunites who fled his tyranny.

(Laura Gallego, the writer of the books the series is based on, who also contributed in the show's development, wrote a short statement on her personal website objecting to the substitution of previously cast professional voice actors by more popular actors who, save for Michelle Jenner, generally lacked experience in dubbing)

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