Am I ready to sacrifice opportunities at any cost?? || Daily Vlog

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Hey everyone, Hope you are having a good day ...

I decided to make this video while walking because I wanted to share my thoughts with you. It's about life opportunities, sacrifices. Also, I have discussed the importance of having patience and life struggle.

Everything needs time and patience is really important while struggling. I never lose hope and I am not ready to sacrifices my opportunities at any cost. But yes, decisions and things might change according to the situation as well.

Watch my video to know the details ...

Thanks for watching everyone :)



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Excellent topic dear friend @priyanarc

You are very right, the opportunities should not be wasted, my grandfather used to say that the opportunities had to be taken, or if not, the creator would get angry and give you no more. the old man's wise words.

hopes should never be lost, one never knows what fate has in store for us.

persistence, perseverance and patience, is without a doubt or that leads to achieving our goals
have a wonderful afternoon

well said
it's important to fixed goal.

Great speeches.