Good luck my friend!
I'll pray that you'll find something!

The good news is today someone offered me voluntary work and I agreed to do it. That is just starting I guess, baby step to move forward in life.

Hello my friend @priyanarc. Really good intention of these people. I'm sorry that for now you didn't get anything act for you. But you will get it you will see. I give you the best of good vibes and wish you the best of luck. You will be in my prayers.

Hugs, kisses and a thousand blessings my friend 🥰😘....

I submitted my cv and I will check around for the jobs according to my educational background. I am not upset because I have gathered a lot of information to move forward. It's been already 100 days so I think it's time to come back to reality...

Thanks, dear, have a nice weekend...

This kind of initiatives are good to find an handy job (I know it's difficult for skilled people to find a job) or just to know how the job market works in a different country and they are a way to take care of people in need during this bloody time. I hope there will be other similar ones and I hope the best for you! ❤️

Many people are going to do those handy jobs because many Ukrainians don't know English so it's a good opportunity for them to learn about Dutch Labour. This is a start and I really appreciate such kind of opportunities provided by the government...

Best of luck 🤞

Thank you...

@tipu curate 💙💛 🇺🇦 💛💙

Thank you so much :)

Your attitude is great, I congratulate you @priyanarc because with small steps you get far, for now anything can be a great opportunity for you. Keep moving forward my friend!

So why a volunteer job? Is that also in your profession , because wouldn’t a paying job be better for the near future? It’s all so difficult! We as Dutchies try but some things are just not greatly arranged.
It’s the first time and so many things are needed, I hope it will change soon. So how was your first day , Saturday? Did you like it and what are the activities?

Have a great Wednesday dear

Well, unfortunately, many things are not settled and confusing. I have seen some paid jobs but they were not for me. The work I am doing now is okay for now and they said they will pay a minimum wage which is not bad. A skilled job will take time and I started dropping my cv as well but for now, this small job will work for me.

And that’s great news

It's better than nothing and I was completely frustrated so I just wanted to do something to get out of my depression...