How Can You Overcome Your Fear?

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You get nervous and don't feel comfortable doing something. You have fear, but you want to overcome that fear.


When you have fear, it comes from inside. You cannot handle it. So why do you fear something? Is it just your imagination? Or, do you have a negative experience in the past? If you have a negative experience, you will feel that the same thing will happen when you do that. What happened in the past, you cannot change that. But it does not mean it will happen in the future. You can break the whole thing and try to do that one by one. You will gain confidence slowly and when you have confidence, you can overcome your fear.

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I'm afraid because I had bad experience before, and always having nightmare.

It takes time to overcome that fear which comes from a bad experience. Once you overcome that, you will feel relaxed and see things in a different way.

When a person is afraid it is very difficult to overcome it, I explain myself, normally this happens because of some experience that leaves a mark on you, no matter your age, for example I am claustrophobic I was locked in an elevator twice, it is already more than fear , it is a phobia , even more complicated to overcome

Things can get complicated and sometimes we need professional help to overcome this. Thank you for sharing your experience!

Maybe by surrendering to the experience 😮