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RE: How to get started with hosting your DTube videos on IPFS easily!

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You have to run your own uploader to communicate with the IPFS daemon (and/or siad) remotely. It will be a security issue to expose the IPFS (and/or Sia) API directly.


That may be a tool people will pay for our hosting services for 🤔 if they paying why not allow to host whatever they wish?

What do you mean? Our uploader is DTube specific. vaultec's IPFSCloud project is meant for general file hosting.

Thinking that we could include some form of access to storage like what is being developed but for general purpose hosting... I know we are DTube specific but some may wish to offer downloads and what not also which they could ensure file integrity by self hosting 🤔 if they are paying why not give more options and tools is all I’m thinking for our paid service.