Reaction: "Sunny Sunday - A Short Skateboard Adventure" by knowhow92

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We have so much golden content on so I decided to start a little reaction series reviewing and commenting DTube content!

Today I am going to watch a video by the great guy @knowhow92 from Greece. Additional to his skateboard skills he founded a community called @skatehive: and is an amazing contributor to @cleanplanet and other cool things on the hive blockchain and DTube. I am glad that I got connected with him over DTube and recommend you to check out his channel!

Watch his video here and give him an upvote / sub:

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❤️ Maaaaaaan ❤️

That was a great video dude, loved every second of it! Feels nice to actually see someone's psysical reactions while watching a video of mine and not just replying to a comment!

Glad you liked it buddy and yeap, we got busted. My gf helped me film this one so a big shout-out to her and of course some DTC will go at her wallet too ;)

The main reason I stick with Dtube is the community bro! Love the suppport among us Dtubers. It's hard to really connect with people nowadays but in Dtube it's completely different!

Thanks for the love @tibfox! You are the best!
Hope we can catch up in real life too soon once this Covid pandemic is over! Can't wait to travel!

I really liked your reaction video about the latest short clip from @knowhow92!!!
I'm sure he will love it!
That's true @knowhow92 is a amazing guy and good person!
Great job!👌🔥👊🏽