Backyard skatepark session at the VC HQ - Video

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How's it going Hive??

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So in the last video I shared of the backyard skatepark, we ended up moving it to my backyard which is a 45 min drive.
We pulled the entire box apart and loaded it onto some trailers then rebuilt it.

My mate David just got a new jib arm for his filming business and wanted to test it out. So what better way then to try filming some tricks in my backyard.

We got the crew together and sessioned the box until it got dark.

Lachy had a crash and caught a bit of angle to his knee which cut him up a bit.

None the less the park had many more extensions done to it after this edit was filmed. It sure was a lot of fun.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Landings!

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Crazy session Bro! The tricks, the night shots, the crashs😳...and i saw Zeus, too😀

Cheers man!
Haha yeah had to have a clip of Zeus in there 😊

4 sure!👍 😊

Great work keep skating and posting!

Cheers mate, fire one up for me!

Actually I'm about ready to take a dab so this one's for you!!!

This video won’t load for me on my iPhone :( you should be uploading to 3Speak anyways lol