I've only got two words to say about AI.

I bloody hate it and think it's the (further) wilful dumbing down of humanity.

OK, more than two words.

Seriously though, I don't like AI art or writing...or those who sit back and think proudly about what they created with AI.

Yeah, I really don't get why people are displaying it proudly. Knowing how to use the tools is useful. Knowing how to use AI in the future will be like knowing how to use Google now. But displaying what you created with the AI isn't really something to be proud of... I don't know, I don't want to judge people, but I do really find it odd.

It's pretty bad in my opinion. What happens when AI writing is all there is? What happens when humanities' creativity is AI and not made by humans? People hide its insidious nature behind words like progress and technology and I get that's what happens...but I believe it'll be the downfall of humanity. Think about the relative fraction of a moment humans have been around...What have we done to the planet and ourselves? All in the name of progress? Nah, I'm not buying it. I know people will disagree with me, many people, but that doesn't negate my opinion.

There's been so many empires rise and fall. Remember Samurai, the Romans, Alexander the Great, the Egyptians, Mayans...Gone. Well, someday, a group of gazelle and lions will be sitting around on the savannah having a beer and some sushi saying, remember those nutbags called humans? Thank goodness they're gone.

I'm not saying AI is the only culprit...Humans are the only culprit.

This is an interesting discussion to be had. I have to run out with my kids in a few minutes so I can't make it haha, but maybe later we can resume. Briefly: I agree it will be the end of humanity. I think it might be the rise of something new, but that new thing won't be humanity anymore. Do you remember the Six Million Dollar man? That's coming. Not in the hookie way that old show predicted, but in a much more insidious way.

Sorry, kids are pulling at me. I shall return at a later time.

Go man, we can talk about it some other time.

But yeah, the end is coming, all things come to an end, even the planet will eventually. Humanity, it its hubris, seems not to understand that and only act in ways that exacerbate and accelerate the problems and demise.

Anyway, that's all pretty sad...Enjoy your day with your kids.

Yep, the revolution is coming for sure. But we need to start thinking of the best ways to adapt to it rather than (what I see mostly) how to prevent it.

ChatGPT is already getting a pro version soon but the entry-level app will stay free. I mean, why not? They are getting so much free data, if you use it you are basically working for them, haha.

The only concerning AI tech to date are deep fakes, at least for me. Potentially losing a job because of AI is scary also, but if end up being unable to discern real footage from deep faked, that could end up being weaponized. But at least for now, we see that AI and AI detection are developed at pretty much the same speed so I'm not concerned about it.

 2 months ago  

I think this is going to be a massive blow to humanity and civilization in the short term, and I'm not sure about long-term what this will look like.

There are some jobs that I can personally think of that will not be able to be replaced by robots or AI, not in the short term for sure. One day maybe but I don't see it possible.

If we think that the companies and people that control the world have too much power now, just wait until they forcefully control us through AI and algorithms. These are going to be dark times indeed.

Not all is bad with AI, it helps in some ways that I can think of such as writing a computer program however we also need to understand that the goal to implant these things into our bodies and minds is not as far off as we would like to think, and that is the most terrifying aspect for me. Being connected to a server and ultimately never having our own thoughts and freedom of action.

I don't mean to sound gloom and doom but if the last 3 years of atrocities tells us anything about what these elites have in store for us, it's nothing good for you and I and it's only to benefit them in every single way. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.


 2 months ago  

Yeah man I listened to something today where the podcast was trying to say that those designing chat GPT are egalitarian and nice sound byte shit. It was making me sick, that they were so delusional to think that there will be positives to come of this. I don't like being negative but this will destroy humanity for sure. For what? "Progress?" Likely not, control and psychopathy to be honest. Fuckers.

I'm not into it. Sure, AI may have a use, but it's being put to the wrong use. I smashed a Hive user for applying it to every post, he admitted it and thought it was legit. I disagreed as is my right. I think he's still using it so I'll keep downvoting.

Humans seem so intent upon negating themselves. Sickening. We'll be gone soon enough though...but not before we've dumbed humanity down a lot more. Think about many know how to understand the weather and plant crops or eat around it like we used to? How many can feed themselves? How many can make things they need? Some, but only the few. We buy stuff, want more and more...we're lazy fuckers...and now we want AI to write for us, make our art and music...Humans are so fucken retarded.

 2 months ago  

Yeah it's such a ludicrous notion to rely on something to think and do things for us that are basic human actions and things that we should know. Outsourcing everything we know and do is such a foolish and destructive endeavor that so many people don't even comprehend the end-game of it all. They have too many fantasies about Star Wars type shit where we are out there in the galaxy exploring around. This is not at all that and will not end well for us.

I haven't caught someone using it yet but I think I saw one today that looked a little suspicious to me. I'm going to give it another read and ask the author if they used AI to generate the post. I think it's ludicrous to use AI to write posts, people are lazy enough as it is, do not try to pass off a few prompts to an AI engine as a post that you deserve rewarded on. That I will firmly disagree with and likely remove any rewards that I can.

They have too many fantasies about Star Wars type shit where we are out there in the galaxy exploring around.

Exactly, although I'd have me a pod racer if I could.

There's a particular group of people that like to use it, English isn't their first language and fifty cents goes a long way there, so they try it on. The one I addressed was getting about $5 on each post - I wiped out the week and I'll take more. The problem is, that becomes the norm, then everyone thinks they can do it and if I was outside looking in...well, Hive would look like runny, stinky shit.