My Hike... and insomnia

@ 5 am...

A short rant, inspired by...


Go hiking, that'll sort you out. It might help you to cease flogging a dead horse in respect of this matter.

Brunswick Kysor Del Nightmare (6) 2019-08-22.jpg

I will soon hike a circle or two around this Prime Mover. But for now, I lay here at 2:50 am, with a mild case of Galen-Somnia. No horses to kick the shit out of, just an uncanny ability to see thru B.S. and know when things are upside down. And everything seems to be these days.

I awoke to the normal 86° cab temp. Uncomfortably warm. And also my break point. I had to fire the APU to cool it to the purrfect 75°.
I will not run my engines (either one) unless it is daytime. And the real cause of global warming is unblocked by cumulus and cooking me (and the kits)

Sleeper Bunk Kitz (Flash) 2021-02-15.jpg

Now back to the normal sweet dreams of Sugar Plum Fairy, slumber illusions. In a couple hours my normal daily HIKE will be an attempt to stay ahead of the zombie clown shit show masses. The real plan-demic of mental illness. An authoritarian control freak takedown that will strip the freedom and prosperity I have worked so hard for, from my bones like the flesh eating power mad zombies that they are...



Other than that, how was your day @krazzytrukker .. You wanta swap governors to even things out..?

No Thank You...

We will keep The Real P.O.T.U.S. (fraudulantly removed) and The Next P.O.T.U.S. right here in The Free State of FLA. Where We The People can hopefully protect them from the scary dangerous China Puppets (globalists) that threaten us all.

Hell, even Sammi Jo knows of the Big Pharma, China, Big Tech, Funded News Media divide and conquer misinformation tactics.

Sammi Jo knows...

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Com'on man ))) It is only a matter of time till they have your brain.


 2 months ago  

Ah yeah that’s rough, a cab temp of 86! I prefer 73 or 72 which is what we have our AC set to at home but when we were in Italy we had no air conditioning so you had to just hope for a breeze it was tough. I don’t know how I got used to it lol. I should be sleeping as well but sometimes I wake up at 230 or 330 and am just awake. Tedious stuff this insomnia!


There will be a mid-day nap this day for sure.

I blame Galen. LoL

 2 months ago  

I blame that bastard too.

 2 months ago  

Everything is upside down these days mate.

Upside down Sammi Jo desktop image agrees.!!

Sammi Screen Saver.jpg

 2 months ago  

Shouldn't you be sleeping?

 2 months ago  

Lol. I just got done watching an episode of Outback Truckers. Made me think of you.

 2 months ago  

Lol...Nah, just truckers. Maybe synonymous though? 😊

Idjit montage...

Well then you should read this before you read anything else from your truck oven. You're the only trucker who shuts his rig down.

Law. They're pushing it this morning in NY. Means if you're not willing to be a science experiment at your local Walgreens they have the right to arrest you, detain you, and isolate you indefinitely.

🇺🇸 Hashtag Welcome To Today 🇺🇸

Removal of...

They should be made aware of the rules they make, and the lives they take. When they take everything away a person lives for. Then that person is left with only something to die for...


Current Truck Status...



How soon till you are passing through northwest Arkansas again?

I only go there when the price is right. Right now I am hauling deli coolers to Food Lion grocery stores. The ones you reach into to get your gallon of milk or ice cream were on todays delivery. Glass door freezers.

I almost did a Waco TX. Load last week. But these SC,NC,VA,GA,AL runs pay pretty good. And some are same store layovers that pay me $600 @ 100% for sitting 24 hours at same store. Half of the units come off each night.

Gotta ride this wave while it is here.