On your marks, get set......GO!

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Today was nerve wracking for me. It was a day marked on my calendar and I had notifications on my phone through the day....in 4 hours - the sale starts.

It might sound weird, but it wasn't for clothing, makeup, designer handbags or electronic gadgets I was stalking today.

You might not even see how this was me spoiling myself at all.

Investing in a dream.png

I sat with minutes to go at my PC watching a timer to 5pm my time...I felt a bit panicky and had my fingers poised on the trigger so to speak, I simply couldn't miss out. I've waited months for this opportunity.

The page was ready and I hit refresh, filled in my order and pressed ENTER. But the website kicked me out and I had to log in again. Shakey hands, I set to work selecting my login and got back to the order page. Filled in the details and tried again, Debit card CVV number required. DARN IT, my card was in another room. Get up in a flurry, knocking the ice cream container off my desk onto the floor upside down of course. Ignore the mess, jump over it and scurry to my wallet to grab my card. "Why have I not memorized the stupid number, it's only 3 digits" berate yourself later...grab the card, get the code, type it in, execute! Notification on my phone that my pre-authorized payment request had been received by my bank. I smile slightly but I'm not done yet.

Next step - send the email with the order details and hope that I got in at the top tier to bag the largest discount. I don't think I have ever typed that fast in my life before. I even threw some humour into my email referencing myself as Zorro with super fast reflexes. I don't know if a real human will even read it, but it was worth it, it made me smile and feel like a mini super hero with lightning fast fingers.

I pressed send and finally took a deep breath when I saw the notification that it had been received.

Now to wait and see what tier I got in at.

A few minutes pass and after cleaning up the ice cream mess on the floor, I see that my payment was matched 100%, the highest tier, and that means I got in with the first few hundred people. Lightning fast indeed and that's with all the mishaps along the way. Feeling super proud! I've just added a whole new dimension to my life.

Today I spoiled myself by investing in my own business. I didn't need make up or clothing today. This was an investment into myself, into my belief in myself to succeed and make my business more awesome, to provide excellence to my clients and to find the best ways and deals to make it happen. Today was just as much about my and Lory's future as it was about what I have to bring to the table with anyone that wants to sit with me at it, whether that be in business, friendship, family or otherwise.

I can't say whether I will remember the CVV number on my card or not in the future, but I don't think I will forget today easily, it's the start of something even more magical to come.

Yesterday many people in the northern hemisphere celebrated Thanks Giving - Happy Thanks Giving to you all! I hope it was amazing. I too celebrated it quietly and sent out gratitude for the wonderful people I have in my life that make every day worth living it. I intend on giving back too and this was another step in that direction.

Who and what are you grateful for? Now go give those people a big freaking hug and show some appreciation for the good stuff you have in life. It's not always sunshine and roses, but there are always reasons to smile, be sure to find some joy in each day.

Go be awesome!

xx Ranger Andy xx

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Calvin & Hobbes - Bill Watterson

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You did well boss, it was worth it

Thanks a stack, I think so too.

Self investment and believe is the key to being appreciated by others.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post. I do believe that self investment and belief is the key to self appreciation and self development, I don't think it should be done for appreciation from other people and my aim is to provide better value to my clients and thereby also fulfilling a core value statement and goal of mine.

I'm glad this worked out although lament the loss of perfectly good ice cream.

It's so great you managed to secure this thing and I think moving forward, with the plan we talked about a little while ago, you are on the way to creating a decent situation to expand from. Building the platform is the first step and by securing this thing you have laid a good foundation upon which you can build. I believe you'll make it happen as you have a lot of determination and drive and great inner strength as well.

Now, the CVV thing...I don't remember mine either but can quote the long numbers on my VISA debit card and my WIREX VISA card! Weird huh?

Maybe if my CVV was 80085 I'd remember it.


Good work on the thing, I'm really glad that worked out as I know it mean a lot and was the first brushstroke of a larger design; it will be good to see it all moving forward.

Hey Galen. Thanks for the message, I must admit I do feel excited and exhilarated and a bit scared (in a good way) by this step, but nothing ventured nothing gained right?

How on earth do you remember numbers that long? Crazy. I can remember the landline phone number of my parents house where I grew up though, not my new cell phone number though on most days.

2022 is going to be hard graft, but I'm excited about getting stuck in :)

Excited and exhilarated is a good way to feel about it and knowing your plans as I do I'll admit to feeling the same for you. Roll it out and see what happens, the worst that can occur is that it doesn't work. Adjust and redeploy is the solution to that little issue.

I'm not sure how I remember the CC numbers...I just do. I have a good memory really, sometimes it's a curse as I tend not to forget too much.

Anyway, I'm really pleased that situation worked out like you wanted, I was hoping it would and what do you know, it did!

I absolutely agree. When I started my first business that I did alongside full time employment (seems like a million years ago now) I kept this on my phone and read it every day.

Doubt and Dreams.png

You just have to have the courage to go from your comfort zone to the unknown. If you want it enough, it's totally worth taking the plunge.

I am impressed that you can remember such long numbers, but CC numbers are probably dangerous numbers to have memorized especially when Casio brings out sexy new watches 😉

Thank you for the vote of confidence in this new chapter I'm starting Galen, let's see how far I can push it forward, who knows, maybe I'll surprise both of us.

I like that quote indeed, true words.

Hmm, well you know me well huh? G-Shock watches and G-dog are a match made in...Japan and shipped to Australia...Where the latter was made.

I feel your joy Andy!😁
Congrats on achieving something that means much to you:)
Investing in yourself is always worth it, especially when you have a young one to think of.
So best wishes on your endeavours.
I'm completely detached from the news, and only remembered Thanksgiving when I saw something online late evening.
It's great that you were able to celebrate you today😍
Take care:)

Hey Milly

Thanks so much for the message, I must say that this was quite a big step, one that is going to possibly make or break my business going forward, I'm leaning very heavily towards putting everything into it to make it work well.

I never watch the news, but it was all over my phone feeds strangely, so I thought why not celebrate a day that celebrates what is good in our lives right? Every day should be like that.

Hope you guys are still doing well on Badger and having a wonderful adventure, I know it's also hard work but what a way to see the UK intimately.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Now, I am totally curious. However, you'll tell in time, I'm sure. In the meantime, good on you! And sterkte and bring it on!

Hi Fiona

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. I know, I kinda left everyone hanging didn't I? I'm sorry, but some things take time before being unveiled.

Last night was such a bad storm here, the house was shaking until 4am. Hope it was ok on your side.

Thanks for the sterkte, I draw from it each day, it always helps :)

Have a lovely Saturday and I hope your market goes well.

Thanks, Andy. Hope no damage? We had thunderstorms, lightning and rainbows and about 4mm of rain in about an hour, just a bit more, last night.

We nearly got blown away and a few windswept patrons made the market worth while! Mercifully, it's less windy now. And now it's brunch time!!

I'm glad to hear you made it through those horrible weather sessions. It's always nice to have rainbows at the end of one.

Gosh I admire you for sticking to your guns and going to the market even with the wind being so hectic. It's good that there were still a few that pitched up to buy your goods. Have a lovely afternoon.

You know, customers come to the market, expecting us to be there...looks like a glorious day today...

Happy Sunday!