Country Market Friday

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I was able to descend from my mountain again! hahaa But instead of being a City Mouse this time, i got to be a Country Mouse! LOL

There is something super quaint about living rurally. I don't mind the time it takes to get to "civilization", because the peace that surrounds me daily is priceless.

Hubs saw that our little fruit stand/market was open as we were about to turn onto the main highway. "Wanna stop and grab something?"

I was in the mood for it! hehe And plus, I knew that Friday was right around the corner and my sweet friend @dswigle might be wondering if I've forgotten about her! So... time to take some shots of this cute little country market.

Come along with me! hehe


Lots of different fruits to buy! I saw that pomegranates are ready - but decided not to buy any. Those overripe avocados were SO tempting... but - nope. Not today. (If you are from Cali - you know how much those perfectly soft avocados are worth! hahaha) We grabbed some funny looking limes hahaha - and.. some yummy "golden nuggets"! mmmmm they are so tart and sweet!


Here we have Mama Zuma's Revenge chips. hahahaha She is a spicy lady! LOL And some pretty handmade earrings and art for sale on the walls. I always wonder if people actually ever buy art from the walls of places like this???


Necklace on a plaster mold of a deer head. Because... why not? LOLOL and more jewelry. I like that necklace - what do you think @snook? Should we get ourselves into more trouble?? hahahahaha


Hemp sauces??? and Hemp pasta??? I think I've wandered into a hippie store! hahahaha I wonder if I'd feel super relaxed after that meal? lol just kidding !


Not only are these pretty little colorful tins - but they hold some beeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful tasties inside! Are you a bee pollen lover? It's supposed to be incredibly healthy for you! Hubs got into it for a while - but... hmm not sure why he stopped. Probably the cost hahaha


I know a @bluefinstudios man who would be interested in sampling these! All different kinds of flavored balsamic! What do you think Blue? blood orange balsamic? sound yummy? or pass?


Not allowed to pluck poppies in California. That's our state flower! But... you can buy some poppy seeds! hehehe or Sunflowers - or... hey - you can even try to grow a giant sequoia hahahahaha! Can you imagine that? LOL Don't worry - I think it actually can only grow that massive in the right environment (ummm... at least i THINK SO??) lol You might have to check with your HOA. hehe


Time for treats!!! Saw this - and had to have it. And it did NOT disappoint! mmmmm chocolate with almonds. No wonder why i'm gaining so much weight lately LOL I can't stop eating chocolate!!! (tootsie roll treats, @dswigle??? hahahahaha) I guess I could have gotten that nearby cabbage as a treat instead? LOLOLOL


and this one is for you @kaerpediem! MORE butterflies hehehe. Seems that they want to always be in Market Friday posts! LOL - don't worry - its just a sugar butterfly. no actual butterflies were harmed in the making of this post LOL

and then....
It was time to pay for our things, and head further into civilization! I sure hope that you loved this trip into a country market with me!!! See you for the next one!!!!

#marketfriday is a community created by @dswigle - join us on Fridays and show us the markets in your world!!! :)


Yeah nothing beats a good country market. As for flavoured balsamic vinegar they can be good, but most of the time they just taste a bit off.

Country Mice are tough SOBs, got one that had so much balls it sits in the cats food bowl eating it. Challenging the cat to do something about it.


i am so glad that I didn't see this comment until this MONDAY MORNING. because YOU..... you NEVER cease to get me CRACKING UP!!!!!!!!!!!1

oh my gosh - your comments seriously need to be framed hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

and yeah - i don't know about the balsamic??? but now i'm gonna have to get it to try hehehehehe

Nice ☺ I put in my basket. ...
some fruits,
those polly things I have no idea what it is but love how they look,
the strawberry balsamico sounds intersting
One of those little trees and flower seeds,

Aaaand ... this Chocolat! Wow looks great

🤗 !LUV

Oh, yes!!! The chocolate was the most important, wasn't it? :)

Oh yes ☺ I love this kind of chocolats which look so stylish. It's crazy I know to treat chocolats by it's cover ☺

Au contraire! They probably taste beautiful!

Hehe you are right for sure they do ☺ think I had a little pessimistic start this morning, thanks for changing my mood 🤗

:)) anytime!

:( why pessimistic???

be the bright and shiny beeber!! hehehe

monday morning blues, but dswigle already washed the blues away :-)
4 pounds out of this litte chocolate??? no no no. and if then these are happy pounds ;-)


4 pounds - i guess yes - we can call them happy pounds and then we can tell them to leave too hahahahaha

they tasted like 4 extra pounds on my hips ! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

hahahahahaa but I agree - it was so pretty - i Had to get it!!!! LOL

the chocolate was so good.


i ate too much.

i seriously need an intervention!!!

don't those balsamics look sooooooooooo yummy! I want to buy some! hehehe

@bluefinstudios says he wants it - so I will have to go pick some up for him hehehe

that BALSAMIC Blood Orange!!!
I want I need I must haves

then come and get it!!!! hehehe

will the Balsmic be there, too?

what is wrong with you? LOL

there simply is not enough time in the day for a legit answer

They're even weirder about growing your own opium poppies in Ca. I see no harm in either. It's only when you know who gets involved and magnifies the intensity of nature everything gets misconstrued like valerian root I know it!!

I know. I'm way off track again but this is what happens when someone says Cali on my watch. I kept it PG-13 though.


People that are from California never call it Cali! I hope you reminded her. :)



and so does my daughter - and she is born and raised her ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


yes they do!

i am not a native - and i say it.

so yesssssssssssssssssssssssss

Today's lesson will cover syllable's 2-4 in sentence 4:


Class dismissed.


thanks for the lesson, my Cali friend


You're so welcome. Thanks for keeping the comment section exciting. I'm having such a tough time keeping up.

I've been thinking about not consuming anything for awhile. Like months, 6 months or something. Life is just.. happening
So fast.

I've already began lacking. Quite a bit. I feel it and it feels terrible.

i know - you told me in DM. 😊

but there shouldn't be any terrible feelings associated with anything on Hive (or any hobby you have really)

you don't even need to make an announcement - do what you need to do, and the ones who love you will miss you, and reach out in other ways - make sure you're ok, and give space

the ones who criticize will criticize no matter WHAT you do. lol


so you do what brings peace.

do... what... brings... peace.

this is what matters. all the rest is noise.

So you probably sensed I mighta kinda said it publicly here as a warning shot. Has anyone told you lately you're a gem?

I'm hungry.

I'm scheduled.

I'm hungry and scheduled.

And I need to clean the windshield. It's tough to keep a windshield clean in the rain. Double edge sword because there's never a line at the car wash in the rain.

I need to grab a couple stocking things while I'm apart from Pura. Ever been to a target when the country isn't employed and it's the week after black Friday in the south?! Drrrrrty.....



i do not like shopping of any kind.

but have fun! heheheheheh

and yeah i sensed it - but not many people stalk comments like me and you hahahahaah so - i don't think they saw it.

you will be missed though :)

No wonder why I'm gaining so much weight lately LOL I can't stop eating chocolate!!!

Same here🥺🥺🥺 my last article was about how I feel too weighted and heavy and I have been ignorantly consuming so much chocolates lately.😂😂

I was about to ask why it's labeled MILK CHOCOLATE cause I don't think I get if it's a mixture of the two lol.
And is it just me or do I want those bracelets in your hand lol🥺 they are so lovely.

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha right?!?!?!

i cannot stop eating @zanoz !!!! i need someone to tie me up so I can't eat anything anymore hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha

i blame the chocolates hahaha

ahhh but yes - we have dark chocolate here - this is a little bit more bitter. less sweet

but then we have milk chocolate where the stir milk into the melted chocolate. It has a much creamier taste, and sweeter... ohhhhh its so good.

now i want to eat this chocolate with you and gain more weight hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Hahahha. Oh no! I don't wanna gain more weight lol.
I don't like excess fats lol😹
Thanks for taking time to explain the differences in the chocolates😁
Oh my! I just got your follow too. That's so sweet of you, thanks.

hehehe yes i loved your comment - and it made me want to see your posts!

then i loved your posts - so i followed! hahahaha

i almost always connect with the people that i follow FIRST in the comment section :)

Oh wow! How cool is that?
I caused quite some troubles back then.😂😹🤣
I guess I just didn't find you then.

heheheh we are always meeting new people here!! it's the joy, right?

that every day is a new opportunity to meet a great person! :)

Yes sure! And this place is huge so meeting new people to connect with is a miracle😁

hehehehe miracles happen everyday!! :)

the people who recognize them - are the blessed ones!!!


I agree with you, living rurally really does come with some kind of rare peace of mind. Lol
I'd love to visit a market like this someday. A rural Nigerian in a market in California, I wonder what the experience would be like. Hehehe

hehehehe you will have to come and see for yourself- I think you will enjoy it immensely!!! :)

Oh you got me on the hemp sauce, I am terribly predictable. 😄

@dandays is that true what the lady said about the avos in Cali?


You know my allergy right? I had a reaction once after visiting a farmers market and, to this day dude, all we can think is the strawberries must've touched an avocado that day. I had to rush home and pop some Benedryl. That's how oily and potent avocados are in Ca. We don't say Cali. Her cheese fell off her cracker on that one.

And the more south you go, the larger and softer they are. Down into Costa Rica, Panama, etc, they're the size of Cleopatras Eggs.

yeah we do say cali!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you said it too hahahaha

in your comment
you said we don't say.... what??? and then you said it.

hahahaha YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

you should have just said "we only say Ca." butnope - you got sucked in. and then you said it. hahahahahaha

i didn't know you had an avocado allergy - i shall mourn for you!!!

I do. Fun fact? As a kid I'd have epinephrin in my backpack. Hospitalized twice.

Once in my 20's I got into some accidentally and ate strawberries as I panicked. Long story. Anywho, they worked. I've since relied on them two other times—fact. I do not recommend doing that. Nowadays my allergy isn't as severe iguess but true nonetheless. Something in the strawberry counters whatever I'm allergic to in avo.

According to you and everyone else, apparently I'm really missing out.

Am I in left field again? All I meant was lol @:


really?!?!?!?! strawberries counteract avo?!?!?!?! whaaaaaaaaat. that is so cool! hahahahaha

oh - well you know what? it actually is an acquired taste i think.

i didn't like straight avocados when I was younger - but i liked guacamole.

I LOVE avocados (super ripe) sliced into salads... or sliced onto a toasted and oiled tortilla - drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with a dash of lemon juice and italian seasonings.


BUT.. you can eat TOO much. and then its like.. ughhh do i like avocados??? i'm not sure if i do.

but yeah - you're not missing too much. its good - but its not like something that i would cry if i had to live without... you know?

now gluten?

i cry daily.


i say Cali and he hates it hahahahahahaha

but he said it too - in his comment.

so haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ok - i shall try the hemp sauce for you! LOL

Great country great religion
This is store is very nice and you present so good. ❤️
God bless u @dreemsteem.

Good morning @ykdesign!!!!!!!! how are you :)

I have been so very crazy this past weekend and now I'm just getting back to settle into Hive again hehehehe

I will come see what you've created today!! :)

Country mouse or city mouse - as long as there's cheessseeee ;D

Mama Zuma's revenge chips LOL
Must be super super spicy!!

hi! hahahahaha

oh my gosh - remember what I just suggested for you?? starting fresh??
ummmmmmmm i need to take my own advice.

3 days of notifications piling up is no bueno. hahahahaha

I'm trying but then I know i'm gonna have to let some go for the sake of my sanity hahahahahahahaha

and yes - those mama zuma's LOLOL the name!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOL it made me laugh so hard

and i agree - does not matter what kind of mouse, as long as cheese is present - we shall all celebrate haahahahaha

love you!!!

Now you have me wondering if I should hang my bracelets on the deer horns in my living room :D

Wonder if he would notice LOLLL


if you do - take a picture of it - but BE SURE TO TAKE A PICTURE OF HIS FACE WHEN HE SEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

(sorry i'm just seeing this message- but you know what i was doing all weekend hahahahahahahaha)

OMG! I love those handmade earrings and the necklaces. Please get one for me 🥺🥺. Hehe! You sure had fun doing your market picks and I wish I went with you cause we'd have gotten those ripe avocados. Lol. I'd use my enchanting eyes to plead "get them, get them" lol. You just gave me a market spirit right now and I'm gonna hit the road soon. I enjoyed reading your amazing market post. Here's a digital market !PIZZA for ya! Enjoy and have a blissful day 🥰.

hehehehe of course!!! when you come to see me, we will go down there together and I'll let you choose your favorite! :)

and mmmmm then yes, I would make a special treat for you with the ripe avocados when we got back hom! hehehehehe

thank you for the pizza!!! :) sending you love teknon!!!

when you come to see me, we will go down there together and I'll let you choose your favorite!

Hehe! I'm so looking forward to visiting then and choosing my favourite would be the most sweetest thing ever.

a special treat for you with the ripe avocados when we got back hom!

I'm booking a flight right now. Expect me in three countdown.

sending you love

Thank you so much.

hehehehe awesome!!! I'll be waiting on your flight details hahahaha

That's great ☺️ I have to say those pink lemons piqued my interest as did the flavoured balsamic...they both sound so yum!😜Looks like you had a nice relaxing potter around !PIZZA !ALIVE

@dreemsteem! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (5/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

yes i've had the pink lemons before - but for some reason I was underwhelmed hahahahahaha
but the name sounds so enticing -doesn't it?!?!?!? LOLOL

I did have a nice potter around - and it was small enough that i could get lots of pics without feeling like i was going crazy hahahahahaha

That milk chocolate is too tempting, I know by just looking at the way it was packaged! But I can’t blame you for falling for them because I would too. I am a sucker for chocolates anytime anyday…

the chocolates have doomed me lately

DOOMED, I SAY hahahahahahahaha

it's like i have absolutely no will power!!! what is wrong with me hahahahaha

Hahaha 🤣
Chocolate is wrong with you 🤗

chocolate waits until i'm sleeping.

then it jumps from my stomach into my thighs.


blood orange balsamic sounds very intriguing. I love blood oranges. But, the berry one could be interesting too.

hi! i'm very late in answering comments!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

yep - those sound so good right?!?!?! and the bottles are so pretty! hahaha so many have commented that I think i'm gonna have to get some LOL

....I can't stop eating chocolate!!!

You and me both! 😂 Please take me with you on next market visit. I love this store. Very quaint!

Wasn't this a fun place?

as your grandpa would say...

this was fun. you are fun!

You got it, my sweetie!!! I would love to walk around lots of markets with you, arm in arm :)

and the chocolates.

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?! why do they torture me?!?!?!

I wouldn't mind have the wine and some fruits, that would make my weekend extra tasty.

I hope you had a great time and enjoyed the trip to and fro to the mountains 😄. Living in a rural part of the state comes with lots of awesome benefits, glad you are enjoying them. Regards to papa

Good morning to you from this side of the world.

good evening! hehehe i should have been sleeping already but I stayed up later LOL

have you see Hive skyrocketing today?? oh my goodness - so exciting! who knows where it will stop! but so thrilling :)

hope you are doing well!!!! love you!!

Yeah mama, I am doing great by the grace of God. I checked and saw how huge the coin has pumped, I think $5 might be the next stop.

I really don't understand something but I will just gather more hive for the next massive pump. How is the family doing?? Coco??

hahahaha yes - we are all celebrating after that pump! I hope it continues from here on!!!

family is great and I saw Coco 2 weeks ago and she was doing lovely too! hehehehe

That's great, I really miss you guys.

hehehe we are always here :)

love you!!!!

I can see that you and Elmarie will get along very well. She also loves looking around in the shops...just to see what they've got... I, on the other hand, don't like shops at all. If I have to go to a shop, I know exactly what I need. I go in, get what I need and leave

But your photos are lovely! Well done! I could have been there!

hehehehe well - i'm actually not much of a shopper - i'm more like you! hahahahaha

but since this was for Market Friday - I enjoyed it kinda like a fun assignment you know???

once you change the perspective -things can be so fun!!!

but i would love to go with Elmarie anyway - because my perspective for that would be to get to know her and see what she likes! heheheh

once you change the perspective -things can be so fun!!!

That is quite true indeed.

but i would love to go with Elmarie anyway - because my perspective for that would be to get to know her and see what she likes! heheheh

And as I told you this morning (last night for you), suddenly a lot of things are making sense

I still enjoyed your photos!

I don't know why I find the names of the vinegar funny. Blood orange? Sinful strawberry?

By the way how was Thanksgiving

and Thanksgiving was lovely - thanks for asking hehehe

hahahahaha well blood orange is an actual type of orange LOL

it's not a creative name.

the sinful strawberry - YES that is a creative name. LOL

blood oranges are red on the inside.. hence the name! hehe

let me show you - see? :)


It looks scary to me. I'd definitely be afraid to eat that. Lol

hehehehe it was a little scary for me too in the beginning LOLOLOL
but then i tried it - and its just an orange hahahaa


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Such a cool little store I find such places quite charming
Hanging jewelry in a deers head

Hmmm I have been trying to work out what to get Lulu for her Birthday and Christmas now that’s something I am sure she has never seen before and wouldn’t be expecting

One if the family members is heading off this morning fir a few days to go deer Hunting I should call him before he goes and ask him for the head if he gets one

Just kidding of course that would not go down well and neither of us would want a mounted deers head in our house lol


i FEEL like its been forever since i talked to you!!! and i think it was literally just a few days hahahahaha

I have never really enjoyed the deer heads on the wall either heheheheh I guess they can be kinda.. interesting - and hunters of course love them. hehehe

but i don't think i want to see heads. hahaahah

but I guess its the same as fish on the wall???? Joe had a fish on the wall hahahaha but it was just ... sad. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

and yes - you should get her one of these for Christmas


i miss you - and i'll be in your DM tomorrow (because today is my last day of insanity) hehehehe

I guessed you must have been busy I hope it’s a good sort of insanity

I can’t help but thing if the singing fish they were advertising a few years back that cracked me up but would have been the only animal part I would want on a wall lol

hahahahahahahahahahaha yes that singing fish was a riot!!!!

yeah - its a VERY good sort of insanity!!!

I got my book 1 BACK onto Amazon after a new edition of it. I'm super proud of it. now book 2 is edited and also ready to be released there... and i'm SUPER proud of that

and guess what???

the couple that it's about? (well its kinda like a triangle... not a love triangle - but a power triangle hahahah kinda. ) but the MAIN couple - at one point - she teases him and calls him "Ghost"

now mind you - I wrote this in 2019 before I met you hahahahaa

but when I read that - I smiled and though oh my gosh - I Have to share this with JJ!!!! hahahahahahahaha

That’s awesome you got it back on Amazon well done

And isn’t that funny the ghost

You know me I like good insanity

hehehehe yep- the ghost creeped in LOL

and i love the good insanity too - cuz.


Speaking of twins I noticed we were beside each other in the engagement league this week

Cheers twinsie

hehehehe yes - i didn't know if i'd make it up there at all this week - i was nervous LOLOL

but i was right behind you - right? hehehe did you feel me breathing on you?? don't worry- i brushed my teeth hahaahaha