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Easter egg coloring kits are in high demand and have been available wherever you go. I normally pick this brand as it is one of the more popular ones and I have used it my entire life. Every few years, they sell a new designer kind of kit. I have bought the standard egg coloring kit, the glitter eggs, the tie-dyed, one that used shrink wrap, sponges, and all sorts of other kits. One year, we used just the rich tones and then glued jewels on them. It was gorgeous!! If I really like the kit, I will buy a few of them when they go on clearance at the end of Easter. There is no guarantee that they will have it again next year, so if you love it, you better buy the extra!

This was the tie-dye kit, but a few years ago, I bought one that had these plastic containers as a bonus for buying the kit! Score!! I use the color to match up and when I am done, I wash them out and save them for next year. What a deal that was!


The original Paas Easter egg dye was invented by American William Townley, the owner of a drug store in Newark, New Jersey, where he concocted recipes for home products. In 1893, he figured out how to concentrate dye in tablet form and launched the modern Easter egg dyeing kit. Mr. Townley realized that he had a wonderful product that other families would like to use to brighten their Easter tradition. He renamed his business the PAAS® Dye Company. The name PAAS® comes from “Passen,” the word that his Pennsylvania Dutch neighbors used for Easter. source

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Today is #MarketFriday initiated by @dswigle (Denise, that's me!!) Join me as we share our markets across the globe. I always look forward to seeing what you send me! It is amazing to see the different markets and cultures of our friends here on Hive.


Here is a little quickie example of what the tie-dye looks like. We mostly checked it out to see if it was still good. Seems like a go, so we will put it in the rotation this year. Will you be coloring eggs or hiding eggs this year? Never too old to do this! Come on and join the fun on the night before Easter! I have a feeling that @bluemoon may be coloring eggs this Easter! He has the cutest little granddaughter, whose name is Ilinca. I would love to see that show!



$5.00 Amazon Warehouse/ Dash Brand - One of the cheapest brands there is out there and yet, I have had one for a few years and I bought my sister one this year. She loved it and - five dollars! So there will be bunny waffles for all. They cool pretty fast too. I know what you are thinking. I would need to eat a dozen of these, but, these are the right size for me. Carb counting, you know.

20210404_164615 2.jpg

Do you need a fast and easy waffle mix? This should cover you. Feel free to add a few more ingredients that sound good. Fruit on top, maple syrup, powdered sugar, Nutella. The sky is the limit!


2 cups all-purpose flour
1 3/4 cups milk
2 eggs
1/2 cup butter melted
1 tablespoon white sugar
4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon salt


Preheat your waffle iron and spray with cooking spray or rub a little melted butter on.
Whisk together the dry ingredients - flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.
In another bowl, beat the eggs with a mixer until light and fluffy and pale in color.
Add the vanilla to the egg mixture.
Mix the egg mixture into the dry mixture.
Add the butter and milk into the mixture- blending until just smooth.
Let mixture sit for about 5 minutes before adding to the waffle iron.
Pour onto hot iron and cook until golden brown.
Put your oven on warm and keep them in there until you make enough to serve.

Voila! They are done! ❤️

20210404_170440 2.jpg

I ordered this postcard from days gone by. 1927 in fact. I just got it in the mail and found they mailed the wrong one. I already had one that was very similar to this one, so I am sending it to my sister for Easter. That is how it works. She really loves them and I think she should have it. What are the chances of getting a postcard so similar to one I purchases 15 years ago in Canada? At the time, the postcard cost me $3.00 and the most recent one cost $7.00 It is hard to tell if I got a good deal or abad deal. The prices are all over the place, so the best that I can say is that it was worth it to me. Would you buy a vintage postcard for nostalgic reasons only? It was from 1927 and it had the loveliest message written on the back.


This is the local Walmart here. I did this for you, my #MarketFriday people. I dislike it and try to shop the local vendors, but, for scoping out Easter, it was the place to go. There is no shortage of candy anywhere. I would say they have enough to give you a mouthful of cavities.


Aisles and aisles of it! I spy one of my favorites! I love Peeps! The candy encrusted marshmallow object of my affections? I don't eat them! I just look at them. Seems even looking at them will put on 5 easy pounds. But, look how many of them! Have you noticed the price of candy is like panning for gold? Way too much.


I have a few little decorative pieces up, just to give me that Easter feelig. I bought those boxes a few years ago for a gift and then, I just couldn't give them away. Have you ever done that? When I say it out loud, it sounds a little selfish...Yikes!


A few eggs here and there. I used to hide all the eggs and have little fun prizes inside of them, nothing expensive... although there was always one with money inside. The coveted money egg. Everyone wanted that one. But, there was ever always one... until one year, when there were two. What a surprise! Do you like surprises?


I had fun and I hope you did too - and just like that, this post is done. I hope you had a good time and learned a little something new. As always, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit, and just remember, #MarketFriday loves you! Thank you for supporting the challenge! Have a most fabulous day! Cheers!!

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Words alone cannot always tell you how you color my world, but, I can give you a sneak peek. As always, there must be flowers to color my world. #alwaysaflower

𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮, 𝓓𝓮𝓷𝓲𝓼𝓮 ❤️





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Nothing wrong with visiting a Walmart. I keep saying I am going to make those hollow sugar eggs like my mom used to do. I saw the molds at Walmart last year! I should have bought them, but honestly I am so far behind, my conscious wouldn't let me stop working long enough to fool around with them.

Here is the link to my Market Friday

You have no business buying them because you are so far behind. There! Did that make you feel better? :) There is always next year or the year after that.

You know I dislike Walmart. I would rather support the local stores, if possible. You know the place Walmart put out of business? Those. I know, you are going to tell me how high they are, but, don't you dare because you are touting buy American and they are high too.

Anyway, you are back and you honor me with a #MarketFriday! Thank you!

#MarketFriday loves you!

What a nice surprise. Ilinca to be mentioned here, thank you very much! I'd love to be able to show her your post when she can read it. We're going to have an Easter-colored egg hunt because of you too.
We no longer dye eggs with bought dye, we try to dye as our grandparents did in the country, with dye extracted from plants and vegetables, especially onion skins.
Denise, always your holiday and family-related posts are wonderful!
Temple Of Shopping

How fun that will be! She is so quick and smart, maybe by next year, she can read. :))

I still dye the eggs with bought dye, but, I can remember my grandparents using onion skins of different colors, red cabbage, and shredded beets. Those are what I remember most and I have tried them also. It was fun and different for the kids. they thought it was pretty amazing and wanted to dye everything with it.

Thank you, Dan. Family time is always fun for me. Thank you for dropping your link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Homemade tie dye look great as do the Easter bunny waffles, touch of love going into each one, nothing has to be expensive, after all it is the thought that counts.

Easter card greetings so nice seeing old design, much like Christmas cards they tend to make one enjoy them all the more.


I just love how happy the tie-dye looks! It is always a return with it to the fashion scene, why not Easter? Isn't that the truth, Joan? Nothing is expensive about it, and yet, it is one of those days that I can do an instant replay on. It is always fun and my family loves it.

The Christmas cards with the old design? A few years in a row, I bought them and sent them out (not the vintage, but, replicas) and they were such a huge hit. For some reason, they made people feel special, and thank you! That is exactly how I wanted them to feel!

Thank you for stopping by, always!!! Leaving your words gives me such a sense of calm and peace. It's true. Thank you.


Always had fun with tie-dye T-shirts could really get amazing colours at low cost.

Preparing for Easter almost on the doorstep again, early starter you are most leave everything to the last minute.

Have a delightful weekend with whatever you decide to do!

Something tells me Easter is on your mind Denise! I would love that Easter bunny waffle press, too gorgeous!
My #marketfriday story is about upskilling people in Weaving the Local is Lekker ZA trail, hope you find it inspiring!

Haha! Do you think? Well, it is that time to give Easter all I got, I only get to blog about it once a year. I think I have been giving it a real go here! ❤️

Oh, Lizelle! @lizelle There is very little that you write that isn't inspiring! You are the best! xoxo Thanks for stopping by and dropping your link! Waffles at my place on Easter!!!!!

#MarketFriday loves you!


What a fun post, we did egg painting with the grandkids a few times, haven't done it for a couple of years, wonder if its on the agenda for this year

Waffles are something i have only tried a couple of times the bunny one is cool for easter

here is my post for this week https://peakd.com/hive-196308/@tattoodjay/market-friday-acushnet-ave

I still color eggs with my big kids. Before I had kids, living in a village in Europe, I colored eggs and put them on my neighbors' doorsteps. What a wonderful reception they got there. It's still fun and I have to wonder if I will get too old one year to do it... Probably not, but, we can hope, right?

I hardly ever eat waffles, but, these little ones are easy to say yes to. :)

Thanks so much for being a part of #MarketFriday and dropping your link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

That’s cool you still do them
And how sweet putting them on the neighbors doorstep


They are still fun. And they like doing them. Who can argue with that? :))

I hope you'll be able to hide some eggs this year :) Maybe teach the cat to look for them ♥️

Have a happy Easter 🙏

Oh, yes! I'll hide eggs. The cat may be excused!

But why? The cat needs to look too! They are born hunters after all :) ...


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Really? That surprised me! They always do so well! Thanks for stopping by and dropping your link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

What a happy Easter Themed #MarketFriday @dswigle I love it and your tie-dyed eggs turned out cute. I remember we always did 'natural' dyes with onion skins and such but I usually coerced enough to get a set of PAAS too, to make the brighter colors!

Oh and here is My #MarketFriday post (I didn't forget to link it this time) https://peakd.com/hive-196308/@donnadavisart/market-friday-thrifting-for-garden-inspiration-at-clam-shack-antiques

Those were sample eggs from the kids just trying them a few years back. Haha! The kids know what they like, yes!? Bold and bright. Until they grow up and go the natural way once again.

Thank you for stopping by and for dropping your link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

I'm wondering, but this paint is not harmful to the body, or are these eggs not eaten later, but used only for decoration? Very funny waffle irons in the form of a rabbit!!! Very cool rabbits are obtained. wow what expensive vintage postcards!!! if you could not give these gifts to anyone, then these are gifts to you yourself !!! that is, it says that you have made a really good purchase! 😃 tulips are amazing!

The short answer is yes, you can eat hard-boiled eggs that have been dyed. The longer answer is that it's complicated. As long as you use food-safe dyes or food coloring in your decorating, the coloring itself will pose no health risks. The longer answer is the threat has little to do with the food coloring, though, since store-bought kits are safe for consumption. The problem lies in the amount of time the eggs sit out on display after they're decorated. Most people refrigerate them, but, some people leave them out overnight or all day long to look at the beautiful eggs.

I will admit that we do take the yolk out of eggs we want to display, so we can refrigerate the eggs and still have the beauty displayed.

#MarketFriday loves you!

The postcards are decorative for me. I have a couple and change them as the holiday approaches. See here:


Great Friday market post! I love the bunny waffle maker 😍. The boxes are pretty, I see why you decided to keep them.

Hehe! I know, right? It is such a cute little waffle maker! I couldn't help but to buy it. They are so small that you can have a few with no guilt! :))

I love those boxes! I have some for most of the holidays. The stores sell them to box a gift in, but, I end up keeping them! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your words! ❤️

MarketFriday loves you!

How did I know it was going to be all about Easter Bunnies and why not it's just a colorful and family time right 😊

Here is my blog @dswigle have a lovely day 😁


Of course, you knew!! It's the way we were brought up! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your link! I hope you ae having a wonderful weekend! :)

#MarketFriday loves you!

And that is a nice way to be brought up I had a lovely weekend and it's all over back to work tomorrow but you still have Sunday and good morning Sunday to you @dswigle 😊

There is a silver lining to being behind you. :)

Lol... 😁😂😁

Hello Denise! Here the tradition is to celebrate Holy Week which is a religious tradition. But as we have always received so many North American influences. When my son was little we loved to decorate Easter eggs. My mum always gives him some chocolate ones, even though he's all grown up. And my aunt always makes cookies with a nice set of Easter molds. This year, I'll see if I can make some waffles ;)

This week, I finally made it and I have a post for Market Friday. Here it is.

Happy day to you!😊🤗

Next week is Holy Week. It is a Catholic tradition as well. Isn't it true that we pick up traditions from all over the world! Coloring eggs actually is a Persian tradition (so I have read) so we are influenced also. I still give my kids chocolate eggs... they never stop being our kids, no matter how old they get! :)

Oh, yes! We should all make waffles this year! :)

Thank you for joining #MarketFriday! It is always a pleasure to see your name here! :)

#MarketFriday loves you!

You are welcome, Denise. It is my pleasure to join the Market Friday:)

A Persian tradition, hum? That's very interesting.
And you are right. Our kids will always be kids for us, no matter their age.

Have a lovely day! 🌸😊

Whoo! The tie and dye colour really looks good on those eggs..
I usually see the tie and dye colour only on fabrics now seeing it on an egg looks so amazing🥰
You had a wonderful Easter #MarketFriday experience ma'am!

Here's my post for the week

Isn't tie-dye that greatest!?? I love it on the eggs! I bought a couple of extra ones in case they stop making it. It is more normal to see it on fabric. They are really branching out! Easter is officially on April 17 but, we have much fun in the events leading up to it.

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your words and dropping your link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

I love the bunny waffle maker. I also love those Easter boxes and can see why you couldn't let them go ! So adorable !

I don't have lots of Easter stuff and here we are, not too far away from Easter and it is still in the storage container. I guess if I am going to put anything out, I need to get a move on it. Maybe this weekend.... maybe

If not, next year! That is the beauty of it. I have a feeling that you need to get some up, if only for yourself. I don't really have a lot up at all. The twigs from outside are going to get tossed (although last year, one of the girls kept decorating it! Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and birthday trees in between. I was tired of it by October and said there will be no Thanksgiving tree! LOL

I love the bunny waffle maker. It makes me smile and I even did some this morning as I am running out of time to use it. ;)

I got it at the Amazon warehouse for $5.00!!! What a steal! I got another one that is a pancake one, no bunnies involved. $5.00 too!! Score!

The weekend is almost upon us, well, clearly already upon some of us... whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do?

#MarketFriday loves you!

Happy weekend dear. I am glad l didn't miss todays fun. Thanks for bring us this dear @dswigle


Happy #MarketFriday, Sam! @mcsamm I am glad you didn't miss the Easter fun either! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your words, and dropping your link behind!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Looking forward Easter fun with our toddler. Great recipe idea for Waffle. Here is our link for this #MarketFriday https://ecency.com/hive-196308/@decentropia/market-friday-goes-to-grocery

Your Easter will be so fun! I hope you take some nice pictures! :) Waffles are the best! Yummy!!!

Thank you for dropping the link to your post! Have a great weekend!

#MarketFriday loves you!


Such lovely images, as always my dear Denise.. I'll try to do some Easter egg hunt with my girls! Those bunny pancakes look too cute to eat!!!
Here's my link for today's post !! https://peakd.com/marketfriday/@mechis85/market-friday-time

That would be so fun!! I bet they will love that! Do you always do the egg hunt with them? The bunnies were delicious!! :) You cannot eat just one! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your words, and dropping your link!

#MarketFriday loves you!


I always got better results from the dyes you mix with vinegar rather than water. Tie-Dye looks fun! I haven't dyed Easter eggs in quite some time. Maybe this year is the year! lol. Enjoy the bunny cakes, they look cute!

I think vinegar is how I like them best too, although acrylic paint works beautifully! Tie-dye is fun!!! I keep going back to it because it comes out so well. I have made bejeweled eggs and glitter eggs as well. I hope you do some this year! :))

Bunny pancakes are the best! We only bring it out around Easter but the small size makes it edible for me. :)) Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your words, Brad!

#MarketFiday loves you!

Haha! Enjoy! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your words and link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Hi Denise,
How cute those Easter bunnies turned out. That's a funny story about the coloring for the Easter eggs. My husband is of Italian origin and he tells me that when he was a child he used to look all over the garden for Easter eggs, it was an adventure that he enjoyed a lot.

Here is my entry for this week:

Happy Easter!

Thank you! They were fun to practice on. The Easter egg hunts were so fun! You have to believe him! WE all loved them. Do you color Easter Eggs or hide them? :)

I love how the different cultures are celebrating the holiday!

Thank you for dropping your link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Happy Easter themed Market Friday! :)

Thank you! I think I might have one more week left of it! :) Thanks for topping by and leaving your word! I appreciate the visit! :)

#MarketFriday loves you!

I loathe Wal-Mart. I am not sure if it is the store specifically or the people who tend to visit there. I guess they have a web page dedicated to them for a reason! We likely won't be doing any eggs this year. Not unless some of the nieces or nephews suddenly stop in to visit, but I don't think that is in the plans. The vintage postcards are pretty cool. I might pick one up if it were a travel card.

I do too!!! I never go there, unless by force. Or I need a quick #MarketFriday picture. We don't have big visiting plans this year with any of the outside relatives. Most of them have had Covid, so they can keep their little infected selves away from me. :) Kidding, but, truth! Most of them have had one of the variants and several had wicked Covid-19!

Yikes, right?

We have been clear so we like to keep it that way. Sounds like they take zero precautions. To be fair, I am talking about more than 30 of my close relations. The vintage ones are pretty cool. I got most of them in Michigan at different St. Vinnies (St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shops) They have the best stuff. I put them in a frame and use a small easel to hold them, putting them on a table for the holiday. I have seen travel ones, but that was probably 15 years ago the last time I looked.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your words!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Since my wife and I work in the school district we got vaccinated pretty quickly. We are actually the only ones on her side of the family that haven't gotten it I think. Luckily no one had it too bad. I think we are doing a small brunch for Easter, but I have picked up a cold from somewhere, so hopefully it clears up before then.

Health Care/Government /High-End Personal Assistant. We had to get taken care of. We are having friends over from local, but, our family usually flies in, but not this year. One more case of Covid last week.

Le sigh.

I hope you feel better soon!

Thanks for topping by and dropping your link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Thank you for dropping your link. It is much appreciated.

#MarketFriday loves you!

You welcome ma'am

@tipu curate

Grazie mille per il fantastico suggerimento!

#MarketFriday ti ama!

This is my link for Market Friday
Thank you @dswigle for this challenge.

Thank you for stopping by with your words and for dropping the link. Much appreciated!

#MarketFriday loves you!

You are most welcome and thank you for starting this challenge.

Yes. Thank you for dropping your link. I hope you feel better soon.

#MarketFriday loves you!

Yes Easter celebration is fast approaching and a lot laid down.

I like the egg designed tye and dye, I know I can get something like this around though without the colour on it.

Your recipe is si inviting.😙
Thank you for hosting the marketfriday challenge as always

Tie-dye is pretty popular here, and it is no wonder. It made a huge splash in fashion once upon a time and if it works, I am sure it needs to be tried again and again and again. :)

Try the recipe! I am sure you will like it. I sometimes pair it with eggs and bacon or sausage... or nothing. Thank you for stopping by #MarketFriday post!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Thats pretty good, good designs a just great it even gives silent smiles to the view

For the recipe, thats a good suggestions you got

You can play with the recipe however you like! :)

Thats pretty good, good designs a just great it even gives silent smiles to the view

For the recipe, thats a good suggestions you got

:) You just wrote it twice.

Oh I love all the paraphernalia of Easter! The bright colors and the splash of spring are just so wonderful. The tie dye eggs are amazing. I should try that process!

Wow, that candy aisle in Walmart is crazy! I bought a bunch of candy for baskets today at my local grocery, and I can't believe how much money I spent. I should definitely have tried Walmart.

I used to put money inside a few eggs too, but my kids were so uber-sensitive to fairness issues that I put the money ones in their baskets so they each had one, and then they got to find everything else.

Thank you for inspiring us each week with Market Friday! Here's my link: https://peakd.com/hive-196308/@jayna/market-friday-vfw-hall-meat-raffle-fish-fry-and-pull-tabs.

That is so funny!!! The kids were so sensitive to fairness! There were nine kids in our family, fairness was determined by fate. (I'm kidding, of course!) I put money in when a few jingles meant something. :)

Isn't that aisle cray??? Half the store had candy in it and it was being bought! The dentists of America were rejoicing. They could finally catch up on the Lambo payments. You should totally try the tie-dye! It is so fun and I try to run away from it and do something else, but, I am drawn back to its splash of colors!

Thank you for reading the post and for participating!

#MarketFriday loves you!


Thanks for the upvote, Wes! @wesphilbin

@dswigle ,interesting egg color like real eggs,from color play to good ,bread press , the results look delicious. Thank you, greetings.

It is rather interesting, isn't it? I have seen some beautiful eggs in my time. :) The waffle maker if fun for young and old alike. Thanks for stopping by!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Yes..interesting and lovely between egg and waffle. Thank you are welcome.

Lovely post, I enjoyed reading it. 🙂 I’ve sent you a friend request on FB to connect there too. 🙂

Haha! Thank you so much.

I never get on Facebook, but I will go over later. :)

Oh my gosh! the bunny waffles!! I want those all the time!
Here is my (very late) link, though I know you have already read it ;)

Haha! Yes! But, it makes it easier for anyone to find. Thank you!

I love those bunny waffles!

This is my entry for the market Friday

I forgot to drop it

Thank you for dropping the link

#MarketFriday loves you!

It’s a great pleasure stay safe awesome and alive

Thank you for dropping the link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

I love candy too, who on earth wouldn't love Candy, my little niece can beat me for too many times, if visiting a Candy shop and not taking some home for her.

Here is my entry: https://ecency.com/hive-196308/@repayme4568/i-love-tomatoes-market-market

I don't eat candy! LOL My children didn't (and still don't each much candy) It is the sugar I don't like.

But, I realize I am an oddity.

Thanks so much for dropping the link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

You are welcome

I will post one of my food market journey on #marketfriday.

Thank you. I look forward to it. Don't forget to drop the link here! :)

#MarketFriday loves you!

every picture has very nice color

Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

#MarketFriday love you!

you're welcome
I also really love #MarketFriday

:) Excellent!


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Well, I don't exactly know how it works as this is my first post in #MarketFriday, let's hope I did okay.
Here is the link to my post. Hope you like it. Even if you don't just don't say it to my face. haha 😉

Here you go:-

Happy Weekends! 🙂

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 100 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you for the repost @pixresteemer! Much appreciated!

#MarketFriday loves you!