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This is Bar Harbor, a small seemingly insignificant town in the state of Maine. I have brought you there a time or three, it is one of those seaside ports of yesteryear, mixed with a dose of today. Unless you live on the ocean, this is foreign to you, or at the very least, not something you see every day. For someone living on the water, it is part of life. Of course, sometimes the pictures are deceiving as this town is the gateway to Acadia National Park, the easternmost US National Park, and one of the first places to see the sunrise each morning. I bought that t-shirt, just to remind me.


Today is #MarketFriday initiated by @dswigle (Denise, that's me!!) I would like to invite you to join me as we explore the different markets or events across the globe. It has become a cultural affair! It has been an amazing experience to see our world through your eye. You cannot help but be surprised at some of the things you see.

I have to say that I have truly been enjoying the different places, the unusual customs, people, places, and things. I admit to loving it and appreciating the time spent collecting this information.


Many of you take great care in putting forth posts that you should be proud of. I know I am. Some don't have the time to spend, which I can appreciate, but, I had been getting many out-of-focus pictures and posts that use the same picture or pictures two and three times. Religiously. I was not sure what I should do with that, but, after a very long time (you don't want to know how long I waited) I have finally said to people, please don't use the same pictures over and over in one post. Am I being petty? I don't think so.

Then I have many out-of-focus pictures. Fuzzy. Very dark. I understand. It happens. I have even put a once-in-a-lifetime shot up, it was not in sharp focus. But, when you have four pictures and three of them are out of focus or blurred from moving the camera? The only in-focus shot is a selfie? Seriously! Rethink five or six selfies and nothing else remotely #MarketFridayish for your post. We do have standards, no matter how forgiving we are. I believe I am pretty lenient on subjects, yes? There is no right or wrong answer. I am just trying to make #MarketFriday the best experience.

IMG_0604 cb.JPG

Above all, there is one thing in all of this that bothers me, although many are getting better at this. We are a community, and as such, we should be getting to know each other. Many posts every week and there are some who visit other #MarketFriday posts to show support. Perhaps even a small upvote if you can. I feel it is not too much to ask. I watch some of these posts get pennies on them. If everyone supported each other with just a nice comment and a small upvote, we would all flourish. I won't make it a must, because forced friendship or support is not worth it. It is insulting. I will say that I would appreciate it.


I upvote every post at 100% It is only me out of my personal account. I also vote for anyone who comments on the post, and a little bit more if you drop your link. You need to drop your link in the #MarketFriday comment section! Please. It has been a challenge to find some of your posts and I even don't sometimes until the end of the week. That is a hardship when you take the time to post. Many don't use the #MarketFriday tag or use it incorrectly, and it makes them harder to find. Mistakes happen, to everyone. You must put #MarketFriday as your first tag or the #MarketFriday Community. Please. It must seem like I am being petty, but, this week I went to a lot of posts at the end of today and saw only my comment. We all remember what it was like to be the new person and have no comment. Reach out to a few people with a comment. It doesn't have to be big, it just says, I care. Small things that mean a lot.

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Rules of the Road

  1. Go to the market, or anywhere that you pay money for a service.
    Take pictures! Be creative!
  2. Tell us a little bit about the market or the event. What brought you there? What did you buy? How much did it cost?
  3. Post the picture(s) Of course, you should tell a little bit about the ones you post
  4. Use the MarketFriday Community Platform to post #hive-196308 (this is not required, but appreciated)
  5. Drop the link into the MarketFriday comment section so I can find it
  6. Following me and reblogging the post so more see it would be appreciated !! Not a rule, just appreciated, more vision for more views on your posts!
  7. You must put #MarketFriday by @dswigle somewhere on your post. If you don't and someone reads it, there is nothing to tie #MarketFriday to that post.
  8. Please only one post each week. Believe it not, I run out of voting power if you put in many more than that.

Heart On A Course L.png

Please leave the link to your post here so it can easily be found by others. It helps you and me to have them in one place. Where else can you take such a quick trip around the globe? Thank you so much for joining us!! ❤

IMG_0935 cb.JPG

And just like that, this post is done. I want to thank you for taking the time to visit and just remember, #MarketFriday loves you! Thank you for supporting the challenge! My intention was to put forth these things and hopefully not injure any feelings. That was not my intent. I am trying to build a stronger community. Any and all thoughts or questions on this are welcome. You know I only want what is best


I love to leave my post with some beautiful thoughts, and to me, flowers are the way to go. As always, there must be flowers to color my world. #alwaysaflower

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Always Remember! #MarketFriday loves you! Cheers!

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Bar Harbor is such a cute little town. Too bad I visited it when I was not into photography yet and all I have from there is this single, super low resolution picture :D :/


Have a great weekend and many awesome Market Friday entries!

Ah, yes! But, they sure can't take those memories away from you. I am glad you got to go there. The Acadia National Park was a wonderful place to peruse and I have spent countless hours there over the years.

Thanks so much for dropping the picture, I would have recognized that sight anywhere! You had a great eye, even when you weren't trying.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Thank you Denise, I remember you posting some beautiful photos from Acadia. I think it was actually on our way to Acadia that we stopped by Bar Harbor for a while... Not sure though, it was in summer of 2010 when I was working in a golf camp somewhere in a forest in Maine, long time ago :)

Probably, it is the gateway to the park. How fun! A golf camp sounds pretty nice. All that fun and money too.

Maine is special, of course, with much forest and coastline, but, not much industry to support people living there. Lovely to look at. I spent one year in school. living on the Maine/New Hampshire border. I had visiting enough being from Connecticut, but, living and visiting are different. I can remember all that snow and cold in the winter!


I know you put a lot of effort and expense into making Market Friday the best it can be every week. It is understandable to get annoyed at some people abusing the community with low effort posts. I would encourage you adjust the vote on such posts. You should only vote what you feel lead to vote, not what you think is expected.

Well I am happy to say I am back in the MF biz at least for this week!

The posts that you speak of are getting less and less as people learn, I accept that. What I was hoping to encourage was all in the community try to extend themselves and support each other also. Like you do! You peruse through the posts and upvote a few and leave a few encouraging words. It is such a small thing to ask, I thought.

Some people do that already and I know it...but, many do not. I will take your advice on the vote though after a bit.

Woo-hoo! #MarketFriday with the @old-guy-photos! Yay! I hope you are having a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

A "great day" might be a bit of a stretch, but I would certainly rate it at least not too shabby 😄

Well, I think that I would count that as a bonus. Plus, well, a holiday on Monday! Very bonus.

The amount of work you put into Market Friday is more than admirable. It's the same level of work that @galenkp puts into The Weekend and, though I've been unable to participate in both of those as much as I'd like, I love seeing the communities build up around them. I think you're well within your right to put forward guidelines and insist on some basic etiquette and courtesy.

And you did it politely, too. I dub thee: Honourary Canadian
(note that said honourific can be removed at any time by improper spelling or continued use of Imperial Weights and Measures) (sorry)

well within your right to put forward guidelines and insist on some basic etiquette and courtesy.

Indeed. Basic etiquette and courtesy should be the minimum requirement.

Thank you for the kind words and yes, Swigs (Denise) does a good job. She might be an honourary Canadian but would make a decent Australian too...If she swore more. Lol.

Haha! You know this made me laugh!! I swear in my head all the time! You gotta believe!

I never considered Australian. What are the requirements?

  1. Swearing
  2. Picking up that accent... no strong R sounds and the way vowels are pronounced is the most peculiar feature of Australian English. Ha. That is what Google said.

Thanks always, Galen. You are one of the best!

Spear With A Shared Flame.jpg

I never considered Australian. What are the requirements?

The requirements are quite simple...Those you mention plus general legitness. You'd qualify no worries.

You'd make a bonza Aussie. Lol.

(Bonza means good.)

@galenkp works harder than is possible for me. He is definitely a machine, don't let him fool you. The Weekend is a huge success, and it seems there is always some who spoil a great thing.

Haha! Politely.

Honourary Canadian!

You know I have been hoping against hope that I would make it there! I am thrilled!

(note that said honourific can be removed at any time by improper spelling or continued use of Imperial Weights and Measures) (sorry)

WHAT?? Indian Giver! You know that is bound to happen. A given, if you will.

Stars - Colourful.gif

Bar Harbor is on my list of places I want to visit, probably from a previous post you shared from there.

I do not think your being petty at all, I think the points you raise are all very valid and totally justified, I think some are just trying to jump on the Market Friday Bandwagon with little effort as they have heard or know how generous you have been, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you having some expectations on quality and effort for you to consider it a Valid Market Friday post.

So don't feel bad at all :)

here is my post for this week

You are probably right. I have shared Bar Harbor a few times, it is one of my to-go places for a couple of days of fun. Nature is kind of fun. :) I hope you get there, even if it is to just see the Cadillac Mountain and the gorgeous rocks overlooking the Atlantic. What a view!

I actually think in terms of it showing them off better too. It makes their profile look better with quality posting. I just hope I didn't come off sounding so criticial.

Thanks always for your moral support and for stopping by with your words and dropping your link!

Have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

To be honest I think your were very nice about it and far from critical 🙂

You are too kind. Really. I hope you are enjoying this warmer weather! I think it may be going away soon... giving us down here in DC a few inches of snow.

How dare Mother Nature go rogue on me!

Me to kind never I say it as I see it

Yeah today is nicer but rainy then the temps drop again who put Mother Nature 🌬 n a roller coaster lol

The Bar Harbor... I have to look up you post one of these days. It must be interesting.
I try to post each time for you (and for me), but then again, I know it gets so busy!

Good afternoon, my friend! @silversaver888 I know you are always very supportive, and you are trying in a nice way to say I forgot you. I did and I didn't. I responded because you dropped your link on my post. Then all week long, I kept looking at all the #MarketFriday tags that popped up and YOURS still won't. I even did it last night.

I accept full responsibility because you did link it and I did all the links on the first day, but, went to the tags after that. I am doing it now, but, can you try the tag and see if your post comes up. I just tried again, and no deal. That is not cool. :(

My aplogies to you once again. And again. And again.

I swear to it, #MarketFriday loves you!

Totally agree. It is not much to ask! I wish it would grow more....

In actuality, #MarketFriday has grown a lot, but, it would be nice to see them also support each other. There are many who do, including yourself, but, it is a good Hive habit to get into.

Hope all is well with all the Buckaroos! Keep it cool over there! I can always send you a little! :) Have a great night!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Yes please! A few crates of snow would be greatly appreciated! My children have never seen snow - except on the mountains but we don't hike up that far. We swam in the flood irrigation channels today. It was wonderful. Considering the temperatures are 40 C (in the shade) we could do with a little snow. Rushed out to help the new neighbours last night. Their cattle were bloating (and started dying) on the alfalfa. They have never farmed with alfalfa (or calves) before and don't know how to manage the combination. They also didn't know how to save them. So grateful we were able to help!

Denise, you know since returning to Hive 10 odd months ago I have seen how much #MarketFriday has grown. It's wonderful! Both in the last year as well as since the steemit days I see the gradual growth. I just rack my brains about how to get more exposure for your unique idea but more than that, how to get more support and enthusiasm.

Until I have an epiphany about markets in this crypto kingdom ... I will enjoy those that post. Have a lovely rest of your white weekend!

It's also a little funny as it started as a tag, never to be more. I'm not sure what happened.

People like the idea! Markets are really special places. And one of the best ways to sample culture, cuisine and clothing of another country. I just wish I had more photos of all the years I lived overseas. American Garage sales. Italian wine and pasta tasting. British nougat. Belgium hot chocolate and pastries. Czech beer and vegetarian platters accompanied by blues street bands.

You and me both. I am so rich in the cultures of the world and enjoy each place to the fullest. It has been amazing. Don't I wish I had taken more photos? Of course, but, I didn't and it won't change... But yes! I need to see if I can dig up some more.

But, we have the memories.

My kids swam in the irrigation ditches of our summer house on the Canadian border. It was fun. Our horses would colic on all the sugar in the grasses. We have to be careful or muzzle, not an option for calves. The neighbors are lucky to have you! That an entire livelihood!

#MarketFriday is okay. The people that are not interested in community building are mostly new, but maybe in time. It would be better if I did certain things, but, i dont want to be overwhelmed with it. Thanks so much. You are a treasure.

Of course you understand! And thanks for the experience. Once the kids are older they will definitely be down there every opportunity. But considering this heat staying home wasn't an option. Isn't it interesting how similar the experience is, but different wording? Colic! I forget some English speakers use that word for animals and not horses. We mostly use the Afrikaans terms which directly translated is bloat. I lost my very first goats to colic. It was horrendous. The fencing was terrible. I only had the mama and her pregnant daughter plus a very naughty Boergoat who ignored fencing. She took them to fresh alfalfa. It was HOT. It was windy. I heard the screaming all the way at home and started running. It was horrible. I had to learn fast. We lost a few sheep but saved many. And goats. And cows. Before we learned. Experience is sometimes a cruel teacher.

Thank you for the compliment

How silly of me. I did understand bloat and knew what you meant, but, my brain didn't translate back when I wrote it. Bloat is fine! Please don't accommodate me! LOL I just looked it up: Colic in goats, (generally called “bloat”) Could I be any more wrong?

Not at all! Did I ever tell you about my first few weeks in the US? I was in a Mall - my first ever as SA only started building malls in the last two decades - I asked someone the way to a toilet. I was met with shock and confusion. After asking a number of people for a "toilet" in my best South African accent, someone eventually said "Oh!! You MEAN the restroom!" I never used the word toilet again while I lived there. But it did cause me to chuckle. Here in SA even in public areas the signs all say TOILETS. If someone asks for a restroom here they will be directed to a bedroom!

Oh my dear! It was a bit sad to read this post. I know you are trying very hard - I have seen only a few curators like you on the platform. and I am very grateful to you for your attention to my posts, for the time you spend on it and for supporting the posts. I understand what you want, but I don't see how it can be done. photo with a sunset and a palm tree is just fire !!! roses are amazing!!! and you have a cool manicure in the photo with wine! 😀

Actually, I am very happy to support everyone here. The only thing I ask is that people take the time to read and comment on one or two other people's posts, to help support each other. You already do this without my asking. :)

It is always a pleasure to read your posts and interact with you. You are a great Hiver! ❤️

Thank you for always taking the time and energy to participate in the challenge and for your kind support. I appreciate you dropping the link to your post @tali72 !

Have a wonderful day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

thank you my dear! you are very kind! 🌼🌼🌼

All you've pointed out are well noted and you are not being petty at all.

It would be nice to see people support each other, it's part of what would mane the community grow.
I may not have been doing much of that, however, I will now.

I almost completely forgot to drop my link here.

Thank you. I tried really hard to just state it and move on. Some things need to be said as it won't ever happen and hints fall on deaf ears sometimes. If we all supported each other, not every single, one because trust me, I had to do almost 70 100% upvotes last week! It is a lot! But a few each, that would make a huge difference! Thank you for understanding, it is not for me, I make nothing out of doing the challenge, I only pay out. :) So this is for all of you to help each other also. Thanks you again and thanks for dropping your link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Very beautiful pictures you've got @dswigle especially the bird, I love it.
Here's my experience

Thank you very much, so very kind your words are. I appreciate you stopping by and dropping your link! Have a wonderful day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Hi @dswigle just seeing the photo of that tent and the wooden floor makes me want to be on a beach because where I live it's winter and the cold this year is very intense. I send you a big hug and thank you for this space to learn, know and share, I leave you my entry for this week:

I am not sure which picture you are looking at, but, the first picture is a little building, but yes! It is winter here and right now is on the cold side. I hope it warms up a little for you so that it is not too cold! Thank you for stopping in, leaving your words, and dropping your link to your post.

Have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Happy weekend, Denise!

It's been a long time since I last joined this initiative... so here's a new post. I hope you like it:

Interesting and Funny Slogans at this Market

Links: Ecency / PeakD / Hive Blog
Tribes: PalNet / CreativeCoin

Happy Weekend to you @trincowski !! It is winter here in Washington, DC, that is for sure!! I am happy to see you again and I will check out your post. Thank you for stopping by, leaving your words, and dropping your link.

Have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

This is my entry for the week
This community really exposes me to world unknown. Would love to see those beautiful places someday

I am always being surprised by the community and all the different pieces of culture that are represented here. Thank so much for dropping your entry here, it is much appreciated.

Have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Hello there and Happy Friday! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your words and link to your post. Have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Those display is a good reminder of the lobster there.
Here I come with a quick shopping for some cherry tomato snacks.

Haha! I can see you have met Maine, haven't you? They really do have the best lobster there. Say it isn't so!? Did you go shopping? :)

I took a peek, earlier this morning and was admiring the Chinese New Year decorations. Very festive!!

Thank you for stopping by and dropping the link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

You're welcome.
For a short day on a stopover driving trip from Boston to New England area.

Bar Harbor seems to be a lovely town and the fact that it's the gate way to the Acadia National Park means it'll always encounter people and tourists.
Such a beautiful sight to behold.

Here is my entry

You are absolutely right. The whole reason that it became a popular tourist town is the fact that it is the closest town to civilization from the National Park, which is one of the 10 most visited parks in the US... That makes it a busy town. :)

On top of it being busy, it really is a cute little town with much to do and see in it. Nothing AMAZING, but, much of it is very nice. It is a good experience. Thank you for the comment and for dropping your link! You know how much I appreciate that one!

Have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Thank you for stopping by and dropping your link! Happy New Year to you! Have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Thank you for dropping your link here on the post. Have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Thank you so much for stopping by and dropping your link! Have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

thank you very much my respected @dswigle sister, and yeah i enjoyed friday market , thank for this great event on hive,, stay happy ameen

Love that first photo with all the colorful buoys hanging all around.

Hey, you! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a few words. :) I do love the lobster trap pot buoys. I see them all over the seacoast where there is major seafood. :) The colors are so they can be seen in the distance.

They make great little decorations for a beach house too. It is starting to look a little like snow/rain. :) A good reason to suck up to the fireplace tonight.

Hope you have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

ha ha .. .I know, that comment was skimpy but I was focused on that.

It gave the illusion like it does when there are many paper lanterns in a tree.

yeah.... supposed to be snow Sunday or Saturday night... or sometime. I'd love a fireplace to curl up next too..... alas, I can play one on my tv.... but it puts off no hear. LOL I can turn it on and then put the little heater beside me and pretend.

You can get one from Lowes/Home Depot that looks like a fireplace! They are so cool and do put out some heart, but, it feels cozy! :)) They even have all-white ones if you like that for your decor. They even have energy-efficient ones and they say it is better than heat from the thermostat.

Don't worry, we love those buoys here at this house and have some over at the shore that we sometimes use on the crab traps. We love our blue crabs! Yummy!

Here! Over 1,000 of them

I will be checking out those links.

I rolled it over in my head one time about getting a fake fireplace, but at the moment, I'm not sure I have any place at all to put one. The idea of it is still grand though. :)

Is your television taking up space? It can hang above it. There are corner ones too. You know you can rearrange again! :) OMG... again and again, right. Been there.

They have small ones and ones with shelves. They are so fun, my daughter even put one in her bedroom, she likes to read on this antique (read: old) chair that just welcomes her as she sinks into its luxurious down pillows.

My television is on Granny's piano ! LOL... Already using one space for two things.

Hey Denise, here's the MarketFriday I'm sharing this week, from the French Pyrénées. It's also one of those mountain village markets of yesteryear, mixed with a dose of today. :)

Ohhhhh! You are spoiling me! Thank you I love the Pyrenees! There are so many wonderful places in our world!

I appreciate you stopping by with your words and dropping your link! Have a wonderful evening!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Hi, @dswigle I totally get what you mean I don't do a lot of @marketfriday but I do try and put one in now and then when I think it is suited for @marketfriday and I always try and keep in touch with all my followers and upvote them. What really annoys me is people wasting my time when they have asked you a hundred questions you answer them all and I give them a 100% upvote and this could happen over a few times and they can't even be bothered to hit that upvote button it's not costing them anything in fact they make a little money for upvoting a post right well I don't get that so after they have done that a few times to me I just ignore them because I find that very rude.

Anyway I have had my rant for the day and as far as I am considered they are the loses. I would rather support the newbies as I do knowing I don't get big upvotes from them but they have the respect to upvote even though it's little. The problem been create here at the moment there are to many big upvotes given out so people are not bothering to communicate with each other anymore as they use to.

Here is my link my dear friend and have a great weekend 😊

You can't be everywhere, so I always appreciate the effort! I have never asked for an upvote for me (although I would never turn them down) but, instead, I would rather they upvote one of the other people submitting a post. That is where it is really needed. Supporting EACH other.

Rants are good, it releases what ails you. :) People like yourself and those who are trying to make the platform grow are always supportive, so I worry not about them. I am just making sure the newbies learn the right way instead of picking up bad habits. :) It only helps them in the long run.

Thanks for the link!

Thank you for your feed back @dswigle and yes this is true the newbies that are trying they have my support 👍

Have a great week my friend 😊

@dswigle ,what a great photo you took, the color of the sky, blue there is a red color like the sun is going down,the atmosphere in the harbor there is equipment for fishing, like post, terimakasih banyak.

Thank you. I appreciate the comment on the pictures, but, it was the words that I was hoping everyone takes a moment to read. :)

I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Sama-sama terimakasih,

Wow. I love it. My parents went to Bar Harbor for a milestone anniversary one year. I've always wanted to go (and it's not even that far away since I live in New England!). This reminds me and motivates me to at least get the plans in motion.

I was born and raised in Connecticut, so Bar Harbor wasn't far and my dad loved camping up there. After I left home, I still go back, I love that little town.

You should go see it! If you are a hiker, the Acadia National Park is amazing as is Cadillac Mountain and just the town itself. Steeped in great history. Don't forget to take a self-tour walking the perimeter of the shore to the left side (facing the water from town) and do a box square walk around to the main road again, Churches, graveyards and all kinds of history with the Rothchilds, and all the uber-rich people. :)

Have fun~ I want to hear all about it!

#MarketFriday loves you~

Thank you so much for stopping by and dropping the link. I hope you had a wonderful day.

#MarketFriday loves you!

Thanks so much for this! It's sooo good to know someone is thinking about we, the newer Hivers. I'll definitely check out the #marketfriday community.

Thanks again!

It is our job to be watching out for the new people. :) Thanks for the words and I will be looking for you!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Thanks so much!... I appreciate all the love 😘😘

You are more than welcome!

Hey @dswigle, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Thanks for the beer!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 88 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you for the repost @pixresteemer! Much appreciated!