Stationery area at Siam Paragon

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While walking around a mall in Bangkok called Siam Paragon, we came across the stationery area. You know, that mall is still very confusing to me despite being here quite a few times because of its weird layout. For some areas, you need to go through the department store to get to the other side. Heck it took us 10 minutes to find Uniqlo even though we already researched which floor it was.

Because of its confusing layout, ending up at the stationery area was a nice surprise.


Since 2024 is just more than one month away, the stationery is now full of planners and calendars for 2024. I love it this way since it gives you plenty of time to choose the perfect planner for you with hundreds of choices in bookstores and online.



Being here and seeing all these planners and pens, I got motivated to use paper planners again. I've been using digital planners since 2021 and it worked for a while for me but then later on I would often forget to use them. I use them on my iPad Pro and I can also open the app (GoodNotes 5) on my Macbook and it syncs but it's still not enough for me. With digital planners you need to open the app to remember them and you have to click each page. It is convenient but I am very forgetful person so having a paper planner in physical form is the best for me since I didn't need to remember to open the app and click through pages.



They have a lot of washi tapes, stickers, notepads, and cute papers for journaling or scrapbooking. It's really fun to look at and it reminds me of my old hobby which is scrapbooking and really encourages me to get back to it.


Next stop is at Loft located in Siam Discovery which is just right beside Siam Square One... which is also beside Siam Paragon lol. This is like 3 malls interconnected and right beside each other but I guess they just named the separate buildings differently so shoppers won't be confused.


In Loft, they have some of the products found at Siam Paragon as well but this is way bigger than that. They have way bigger selections of planners and shit like that that it was so fun looking around all the cute stuff LOL.


They have A LOT. Like you would be looking at different angles and you will still be looking at the planners and calendar areas. They have China, Korea, and Japan imports and each of them will have different aesthetics if you know what I mean. Most of them are in latin alphabet with some of their own characters and holidays so that's just one of the things to consider.



These desk calendars are so freaking cute that I didn't realize I just need them in my life. It's gonna be a nice addition to your workspace if it fits your aesthetics. These are mostly from Korea so they have the Korean holidays and seasons like winter written on it which was fine for me since I can still write a lot on the big box. :D


I just love Korean aesthetics. They like cute stuff I mean bruh just look at this. That's just one page. Every page of this planner has different drawings and colors.


They have minimalist planners as well, of course, for a more formal and 'professional' vibe. Drawings on the planners tend to be quite distracting for some people.


One of the most unique things I found here is this pen. Instead of having a traditional pointed tip, it has a flat-circle one. I guess this is made specifically for dots so you don't have to draw one lol.





And of course, moarrr stickers!!!





I know you've been waiting for this... but yeah here's the pens section!



It's quite overwhelming to look at these pens as all of them are nice. lol


There are also some drawing pens like this Sakura brand. In the Philippines, these would be in the "premium" section behind the glass as they are quite pricey LOL.



Damn look at those drawing markers... @acidyo would have loved to see this even though he already has Copic markers lol.


I also found some cute Thailand souvenirs.

This shop has a lot of Japanese stuff and it made me wonder how the stationery stores are like in Japan. It must be CRAZY. They must have really huge stores for all the art, journals, planners, and paper supplies. When we go visit Japan one of these days we should bring an extra luggage with us cos pretty sure we'd want to buy a lot of those damn pens and papers! :P


Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of the stationeries. I love visiting the stationery store. It's like visiting the amusement park 😆

I agree haha it does feel like being in an amusement park even if you don't buy anything it was so nice just walking around and looking at stuff.

Hmm stationery shopping used to be so much fun. I love the smell of new paper. I love book stores for that matter. Colorful, cute stationary is always very tempting. I am also find physical planners more handy.
Lovely post.
Have a great day @hiddenblade

Same! New books and papers smell so nice lol.

It's good that you already have a planner, although it would have been hard for me to choose one, and the markers, and the stickers, and then I leave all my HBDs in there as a gift! 🤣.


It was hard for me to pick as well as they were so many to choose from. In the end I was able to get something that looks a bit more formal with less drawings stuff then I could just make a journal specifically for being cute and scrapbooky one. :D

Hi @hiddenblade . I am happy to be a part of this community and hope to make many friends here. Now I start my new life after prison. I will be grateful for your support.