A Market Filled With Fruits

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For a while now, I have been having issues with eating and my weight, no matter how clean I was eating or how good I was exercising, I just kept on piling on the weight and this was a problem for me because I started having breathing problems and being overly self conscious which I wasn’t used to.

Due to this, I decided that I need a break from the normal food that I was comsuming, atleast to reset my system; sounds weird right but, it’s something I usually do, and the way I reset my system is by eating fruits for a few days; three to be exact.

Now, to be on a fruit diet, I needed to get fruits so on Wednesday I decided to go to a fruit market in my state with my sister and I also decided to take pictures so I can showcase them for #marketfriday initiated by @dswigle.

At around 11am that Wednesday, my sister and I set off to be market which was a bit of a distance from her house, this trip cost 200 naira each ($0.45).

When we got to the market, we started shopping and I had to make a mental note of all I want to get because my phone where I wrote an actual list was dead, even had to take these pictures on my sisters.

Some weird looking Nigerian pears we saw for 700 naira ($1.58).

Anyways, I started my shopping by getting some oranges and they cost 200 naira for 6, I got two shares of it which was 400naira ($0.90), after that I went to get some apple which were priced at 1300 naira ($2.93) for 10 pieces, next thing I got were some pineapples and watermelons, I got two pineapples for 1300 naira and the watermelon for 1000 naira ($2.25).




At this point, since my sister followed me to the market, I decided to get her somethings and she got some cucumber for 200 naira, some African apples for 500 naira ($1.13), and after that, we decided to leave the market.


African apples.

While leaving the market, I saw some pears for 400 ($2.93) and some tangerines for 200 naira, so I decided to also get them.



Due to the load and the stress of bargaining in the market, we had to get a drop which is a vehicle rented specifically to take us home and we paid a 1000 naira for it.

Markets are so stressful to me because of my low iron, but I was really excited that I could go this time, also the prices of fruits were a bit crazy due to the rise in dollar against naira but, I am glad that I could afford these things regardless.

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Hello dear, have you tried the low carb intermittent fasting way of eating. We, meaning my family ( my husband, son and myself) had tried this kind of diet for a year and we all lost weight even without exercising. Check out some videos on YouTube about this and you will learn a lot. For me this is the best way to be healthy and really lose weight, specially with the fasting it's really very good for our bodies.

I tried it the last time I lost weight, even graduated to OMAD but for some reason, I can't keep up this time, I feel like after this diet, I might be able to though.

Oho this Fruit's are really looking good 😋
Day by day prices of good really going higher, anyways I really love to see some Nigerian Fruit's..
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much, glad I could share some of that.