“Market Friday” ~ Walk through the “Main Street of Great Barrington” ~ Massachusetts and lunch, my US adventures 😎 🇺🇸

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Hi all 👋🏻

For my next post in our lovely #community this Friday for the #MarketFriday by @dswigle - Denise.
I will show you my views from walking along Main St in the cute town of Great Barrington on my recent visit to Massachusetts, USA 🇺🇸 the area is the “BERKSHIRES”

‼️If you want to know more about #MarketFriday’s have a look at this post about it: “Falling for the Appalachian Trail: A Market Friday Story” from @dswigle where you find also the rules what to post if you want to join us.

These main photographs are taken with my new CANON R5 with 24 - 105 mm lens 😎 and the photographs from our lunch are taken with my iPhone on 27 September 2022.

Let’s have a look around:

After we parked the car we start walking and see across the street this cute coffee shop.

Walking past all shops on Main Street we see this one was closed and they put some tape / paper art on the window 🧡 that definitely gets everybody’s attention.

We pass by this shop’s garden and see some flowers and a metal sculpture.

We pass by a church.

And are going through the side streets just off Main Street. This clock ⏰ really stands out on the pavement. Even the architecture in the back. So cool 😎

We decided half way the walk that it was time for some lunch, so we went into a little restaurant.

We ordered our drinks and food:

Large cappuccinos are brought.

While we wait for the food to arrive let me tell you were we are.
The restaurant is called “GB eats”

Located on Google maps with the yellow star ⭐️:

Their website and menu you can find here: GB eats Great Barrington

Now our food comes and have a look at this 😊😎

I had the “Pork Bánh mì” what cost $15

Hubby got the “The Classic Burger” with sweet potato fries what cost also $15 + $2 for the change in sweet potato.

I can tell you it was delicious, if you are ever visiting the Berkshires and the town of Great Barrington. Check out this little cute restaurant. 😊

After lunch we walk a bit further around the Main St.

We see on a side street this Performance artcenter.

Some larger buildings with amazing features.

This one is recently renovated… the garden was still bare. They surely did a great job. 😎

Some details of another church we pass by.

It’s beautiful door… with planters on each side.

A very cute house in a side street… 🥰😎

Some red leaves in the sun ☀️ 🍁🍂

The town’s library 📚

And some chairs to enjoy some sun beams on the grass bit of the library 📚

Next to it we look into the street and see rolling hills…

Views across the street.

Another part of the first church when we walk by on that side of the road.

And how can I forget #alwaysaflower 😊😎 these stunning flowers I found in one of the shops windowsill’s 🥰

What brings us to the last photo and that’s all for today’s #MarketFriday post. Hope you enjoyed coming along with me on my latest travels to the state of Massachusetts. 🇺🇸 I will share more US adventures very soon, stay tuned! 😎😊
Until the next one! 👋🏻😎 are you joining me again soon? 😉💃🏻

Thank you for looking and reading 😊 🙏🏻
Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

Have a great #MarketFriday all 😎
Grtz Jackie


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Thanks a lot @pinmapple team 😊 much appreciated!

I love those building architectures especially the church but it was the food that caught more my attention. My stomach grumbles as I haven't eaten dinner because of the thought that I won't it beyond 6PM😂.
Aha, seems Autumn is also starting in Massachusetts.

Thank you so much @lhes 😊 hahaha and mine is now too grumbling. Cooking dinner in the oven. So a little bit longer and we can eat. 😁
It is almost at it’s peak right now.
Have a great day and weekend!

The town looks colorful, the food got me disliking the supper I just had...
Jackie likes her cappuccino! I will be having myself a cup now.

Hahaha really aawww can’t be that bad of a dinner you had Joe 🤓
Yep I certainly do like my cappuccinos 😉😁 hope yours was nice and you enjoyed it.
Have a great evening 👋🏻😊

Lol, I had a Choc Hazelnut cappuccino, am not even going to tell you my supper, not as nice as your meal.

Oh that sounds delicious Joe, mine wasn’t that fancy 😉😎
Aawww as long as you enjoyed it all good my friend.
Good evening, night night 😴😴
Speak soon…

A good night to you Jackie 🙂

Good afternoon Joe 👋🏻😊
Hope your weekend started great! Enjoy it.

Good afternoon Jackie, it's been rather a busy day, I was helping out with fundraising for the poor at church. Am so tired I will skip my evening content creating. Hope you are having a good one.

Spotlessly clean, some stunning designs in architecture, enjoy your travels wherever you go!


Thank you so much @joanstewart for visiting with me this cute town.
Have a wonderful weekend 👋🏻😊


the yellow house with the painted coffee is gorgeous. I would definitely go to that coffee shop! It seemed to me that the portions in the restaurant where you dined were quite small. and the price of 15 dollars is very cheap. orange and blue buildings are very beautiful! judging by your photos this town is very cute 😀

Yes, I thought the same about the yellow house. It was cute.
The portions were not too big and not small. Just perfect for lunch. 😉
We loved wandering around there, thanks @tali72 for joining me on our walk.
Have a great new week 👋🏻😊

You just spent the day walking in one of my favorite cities, Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Photos of the streets of the main street and the various surrounding streets. I want to thank you for showing me this incredible tour. I think it’s great for the locals to see who lives in their city and everything they do - thanks for sharing

Aawww thank you so much for your nice comment @zul212 👋🏻😊 much appreciated.
I loved visiting this town. It was so cute. All the Berkshire towns are truly great. We saw so much on our travels and met some great friendly people.
Hope to go back one day soon.
Happy to share 😎 thanks for coming along with me.
Have a wonderful day 👋🏻😊 and enjoy your weekend!


I guess this is small town America away from the hectic city, life at a more gentle pace. Calm .
This jalapeño slices look yummy btw, fresh not out of a jar .

Yep, mountain villages… away from all. 😉🤓
Peaceful indeed, until the tourists show up. But we hardly saw any. So all good. They were not there when we visited.
I must admit the food was really fresh, nothing out of a jar or tin.

Fresh is best! Sorry for all my late replies, I am travelling through Central America ,currently Guatemala, Wi-Fi hit and Miss

It really is, nice fresh food is best indeed.
No worries @grindle 😊😎 WOW that’s soooo cool. Can’t wait to read about it all.
Have fun on your travels and stay safe! Enjoy it all…

Fresh food yummy, who knows what chemicals are in processed food. Tacky tourists spoil everything.

I know… soon after our move I start my own garden again 😉 can’t wait, fresher it can’t be.
I know… they do. Let’s avoid them hahaha 🤣

Wow you certainly travel to some amazing places. The houses look so well cared for. Banh mi is very popular here in Australia. My son makes a good tofu one!

Yes I love traveling and exploring areas. It was such a cool trip.
It was everywhere extremely clean and well cared for, what was really nice as here in Spain, you don’t see that.
Oh I didn’t know that… sounds delicious with tofu.
Have a great weekend @riverflows 👋🏻😊

You've got a great photo tour. Now I know how the residents of this cool town live. Thank you for the amazing photos...

Thank you so much @singa 😊👋🏻 It was such a cute town. With lovely shops. And restaurants. Such cute houses in the side streets too. And a river right next to it. It’s the river walk I posted Wednesday.
The area is just lovely.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Mutually. Your photos immediately show that the trip was wonderful...

So beauty!


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Thank you so much @visual.alive 😊👋🏻 Much appreciated!
Have a great weekend ☀️🐝

Городская библиотека мой фаворит! Так приятно расположиться на этих стульях с книгой в руках. Отличная прогулка в Рынок Пятница День!

Thank you so much @tatdt 😊👋🏻 The library was indeed beautiful. And I was thinking about that too… sitting in the chairs, in the sun with a book. Must be truly great.
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting my post! 👋🏻☀️

The building there has a good architectural design. I like the design of the church building there.

Thank you so much @heartofdarkness 😊 the architecture was pretty cool 😎
Have a wonderful weekend!


we were there, 8 or 10 years ago.

Oh that’s cool… happy it brought back some memories 😊😉
Have an awesome day @bluefinstudios 👋🏻

Ah, Main St of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA .
This is a typical town in USA!!!
I am so glad you enjoyed the walk
Thanks for sharing, @littlebee4 .
!LADY 😍🌺🤙

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Yep, indeed a typical town of the States. It was wonderful to explore it. And have a wander around. I loved it.
Thank you @silversaver888 happy to share my adventures 😊😉
Hope your Week went well and now it’s weekend. Yay…
Have a great one 😊🤗
Bigg hugg 🤗🤗😁
!LADY 🥰🌺🤙🏻

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how are you dear friend @littlebee4
I would love to live in a place like this, full of beautiful buildings, I loved the library and the beautiful cafeteria
The dishes look exquisite. enjoy it a lot

Hello my friend @jlufer good afternoon to you 👋🏻😊
Yes, me too. It all was so lovely. The nature around it, the little shops and restaurants. The architecture. Everywhere it was clean.
We had a great time.
Have a wonderful day further 👋🏻☀️

There is something about New England that I just love. Its hard to describe, but its captured in your pics above. Its like they have a nice relaxed, pretty and quaint way of life !

I love the red and white chairs. I built two a couple of years back, and when I showed them to my wife, she said she loved them, but that we needed 6 - so I then spent the following 2 days building another 4 ! The design of them is just awesome, and fits in with the picket fence look so well ! Seeing them just makes me think of being on vacation !

Lovely pics - thanks for sharing !!!


I know New England has something special. It draws us too. It’s a special way of life for sure. Thank you that you think I captured just that. 😊 that’s wonderful to hear @hoosie 😎

Aawww I love chairs like that. When we get a garden after we move… they are a must too hahaha 🤣
Yes, bringing back memories just by posting it already makes me feel as being on a holiday again.

Thanks, happy to share.
Have a great weekend and enjoy your last days on your holiday. 👋🏻😁


Hello dear @littlebee4 what a nice place you show us, I love the churches and the food looks so yummy😋. I imagine you had a wonderful time during your stay in the US 😍 I send you a kiss and a hug 😘🤗

Hello my friend @dimascastillo90 👋🏻😊
Thank you so much for coming along with me on a walk through this town.
I really enjoyed it. And capturing all that I saw. It was a lot. More to follow 😉
Thank you kindly, I send you a kiss and hugg back!
Enjoy your weekend 👋🏻😎

Thanks dear 😍 you too 🥰

You are welcome 😊 thanks a lot! 🥰

Wow amazing my friend thanks for taking us on a journey in your area looks lovely there have a wonderful weekend @littlebee4

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Thank you so much @benthomaswwd 👋🏻😊 happy you came along.
Have a wonderful weekend too, enjoy it.

You are most welcome have the greatest one

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Thanks a lot, and you too 👋🏻😎

Thank you hope your weekend went well

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Yes it did @benthomaswwd 😊 thanks, hope yours too.
Have a great new week 👋🏻😎

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I could use some sun again maybe sitting on one of those chairs by the library or the cute coffee shop or even in the church :D Nice and interesting structures. But most of all, the food look appetizing.

Delicious #MarketFriday! :D

I can imagine @leeart it has been raining a lot over there were you are.
It was a cute town to spend some time for sure. Luckily we did have some sunny days, but most were cloudy.
Thank you so much 😊 happy weekend 👋🏻

I am delighted with your adventures in the US @littlebee4 friend.... Every post is a myriad of new things and a "SPECTACULAR" display of eloquent photographs!.... Bravo!... Wow, you also take great food photos!... :))


Thank you so much my friend @jlinaresp 😊😎 that’s so kind of you 😁
I love traveling and exploring and like to capture all the details around me. Happy I can share that with you in my posts.
Thank you kindly! Much appreciated.
Have a wonderful weekend and all the best 😎☀️


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Thank you so much @hivebuzz team 😊👋🏻 That’s great 😄 much appreciated!
Have a wonderful weekend ☀️🐝

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