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RE: On your marks, get set......GO!

in Market Friday7 months ago

I feel your joy Andy!😁
Congrats on achieving something that means much to you:)
Investing in yourself is always worth it, especially when you have a young one to think of.
So best wishes on your endeavours.
I'm completely detached from the news, and only remembered Thanksgiving when I saw something online late evening.
It's great that you were able to celebrate you today😍
Take care:)


Hey Milly

Thanks so much for the message, I must say that this was quite a big step, one that is going to possibly make or break my business going forward, I'm leaning very heavily towards putting everything into it to make it work well.

I never watch the news, but it was all over my phone feeds strangely, so I thought why not celebrate a day that celebrates what is good in our lives right? Every day should be like that.

Hope you guys are still doing well on Badger and having a wonderful adventure, I know it's also hard work but what a way to see the UK intimately.

Have a wonderful weekend.